Scott Monty

Scott Monty

This is your chance to hear from someone who was behind the scenes at a Fortune 10 brand for six years and has lived to tell about it! Scott will entertain your audience and make them think — without making it hurt. They'll walk away with less fear and more understanding of the changing world, energized to improve customer experiences.

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He shares original stories of his experiences, plus uses his knowledge of the classics to make it clear that historical, literary, and even mythological figures can help us understand the future. He uses analogies and humor to bridge the divide between the past and present and helps audiences realize that they've got the key to better customer relationships already within themselves.

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Current Speaking Topics:

The Time is Now: Digital Crisis Communication

Your executive team and board of directors know they're sitting on a tinderbox. At any moment, a crisis could happen, and the online mob would be at your doors with their digital pitchforks, calling for a boycott. We're past the age of the "crisis communication playbook" that just sits on the shelf. Teams today have to be prepared to move at the speed of a tweet, and it take more than tech savvy to get there. In this talk, Scott uses his experience managing digital crisis communication at Ford Motor Company during the Carpocalypse and historical life-harrowing events to share fundamental lessons that can prepare us all for the next crisis.

Building Better Customer Experiences with Trust

​How do you gain trust? Through consistent and repeated actions, over time. And once you've gained trust, you can build loyalty. But what if you're giving your customers different messages based on where they interact with you? ​You're missing out on major opportunities. In this talk, learn the tried and true methods for making your customers want to come back time and again.

​This Time, It's Personal  Trust Me

​As we chase the ever-evolving social media developments, one thing remains constant: people still require personal interaction. Which is why they want personalized communication. But the challenge for the advertiser is that consumers don't want to give up too much information about themselves. In a post-GDPR world, where personal data is (or should be) treated as sacred, how can marketers go about doing what they need to do and still deliver on what people want? It all comes down to building and maintaining trust, and delivering something worthwhile.

All the Feels

"Storytelling" is all the rage these days - but why do brands have such a hard time getting it right? We've all heard our fair share of stories, but the formula eludes us when it comes to telling our own story about our products. In this talk, explore the fundamentals of storytelling, discover why humans are built for hearing things a certain way, and learn how to set your company's story apart from the rest with humanity and empathy.

Other topics include:

  • The Importance of Leadership and Culture in Reputation Management
  • Corporate Communications Perspectives from a Digital Pioneer
  • Storytelling in the Age of the Service Economy
  • Disrupting the Status Quo of Communications and Marketing

Sample speaking events:

  • CeBIT Australia
  • Google Americas Marketing Leadership Meeting
  • Walmart Marketing Summit
  • Masco Digital Marketing Summit
  • Vision Critical Customer Summit
  • Campus Party (Sao Paulo)
  • Dreamforce
  • Content Marketing World
  • New Media Expo
  • Social Media Week (New York and Los Angeles)
  • rethink (Oslo)
  • PR and Social Media Summit (Amsterdam)
  • Social Media Matters (Hong Kong)
  • Tampa Chamber of Commerce
  • Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce


"That was the most insightful and tangible talk I've yet seen." Ryan F. Casey

"The best example of how to sell without selling." Dominic Sicotte

"What an amazing presentation! Very entertaining as well as informing." Luis Aguilar

"Scott Monty has made me want to buy a Ford car, follow a puppet's Facebook page, and find out what foxes say all in the space of 20 minutes." — Localiiz, Hong Kong’s leading lifestyle website

Sample - Salesforce's Dreamforce conference:

Sample - Vision Critical Customer Summit:

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