Scott Monty

Scott Monty

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Scott Monty is a consultant and keynote speaker and probably is the only classics major who's been a global head of social media for a Fortune 10 brand.

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Scott Monty is an internationally recognized Fortune 10 leader whose background in classics positioned him to see through the shiny objects and drill down to understand the common human needs that drive us all.

As CEO and co-managing partner of Brain+Trust Partners, he addresses and advises businesses and groups on how to move at the speed of customers.

Scott spent six years as an executive at Ford Motor Company, as a strategic adviser on crisis communications, influencer relations, marketing, customer service, innovative product launches and more. He also has a another decade and a half of experience in communications and marketing agencies. Scott's clients have included Walmart, IBM, Reebok, Coca-Cola, and Google, and The Economist ranked him as #1 atop the list of 25 Social Business Leaders.

He is a past board member of the American Marketing Association, a trustee of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and an adviser for a number of Silicon Valley companies. He writes about the changing landscape of business, technology, communications, marketing and leadership at, and produces the widely acclaimed weekly newsletter The Full Monty.

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