Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

What do we want from leaders today?

More soft skills: empathy, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, ethical decision-making, positivity, hope, and inspiration.

We know these so-called soft skills are hard to master, but in the era of remote and hybrid workplaces, as we're all trying to figure out a path, these are the skills every leader needs.

Such are the elements of Timeless Leadership.

Scott Monty, a former Fortune 10 executive, has seen these dynamics up close, through work with executives across a wide range of company sizes and industries. 

Not only that, he brings a unique and entertaining approach to leadership and communication through timeless lessons that get at the core of human nature.

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In Scott's talks, he shares original stories of his experiences, plus uses his knowledge of figures from history, literature, and even philosophy to help us understand and plan for the raucous present. He uses analogies and humor to bridge the divide between the past and present and helps audiences realize that they've got the key to better customer relationships already within themselves.

"Scott Monty did an incredible job helping my team at Walmart. He knows of what he speaks." - Chad Mitchell, former Sr. Director of Digital Communications

Speaking Topics:

This is a series of talks/workshops for any team of any size, whether it consists of first-time managers or seasoned executives. These concepts apply in the C-suite as well as on the front line, and can be selected as stand-alone sessions or that build from one to the next.

Strategic Communication

Everything communicates. This is why a strong communications strategy is your key to success.  All too often, strategy is confused with tactics, and there’s too much busy work without enough focus. 
In this workshop, we will give you a roadmap as we share the 3 Essential Elements of Strategic Communication. The result will be an ability to better craft compelling messages, develop a strategic communication plan, and inspire your team in all of your communications.

Leading in a Crisis

No one plans to have a crisis. Yet crisis situations do happen, and they require leaders to be prepared to guide their teams through them. Teams look for leaders who can navigate uncertainty, provide clarity, and inspire confidence. 

This session will equip you and your team with the skills to effectively communicate during challenging times, as you manage stakeholder expectations and make informed decisions all while under pressure. 

You will learn the 6 Crisis Leadership Qualities that will guide you through crisis communication best practices and strategies to maintain trust and credibility.

Become a Better Storyteller

Stories have the power to captivate and connect with people on an emotional level. We've known this since the earliest days of humanity.

In this session, we will teach you how to craft compelling narratives that engage your audience, evoke empathy, and drive action. The 4 Powers of Stories will empower you with storytelling techniques, compelling narrative structures, and other methods to connect with the emotions of your audience to deliver impactful communications.

Build a Strong Culture to Drive Success

Culture plays a crucial role in fostering collaboration, productivity, and employee engagement, but is often an afterthought. In this session, you will explore the elements of a strong organizational culture and learn practical strategies for cultivating a positive work environment. 

You will discover how effective communication contributes to shaping and reinforcing your organization's culture, how to identify our values that make us who we are, and how the 7 Cs of Success help leaders get the results we seek.

3 Essential Elements of Strategic Communication
+ 6 Crisis Leadership Qualities
+ 4 Powers of Stories
+ 7 Cs of Success

= 20 Lessons in Leadership & Communications for your team

Sample speaking events:

  • CeBIT Australia
  • Google Americas Marketing Leadership Meeting
  • Walmart Marketing Summit
  • Masco Digital Marketing Summit
  • Vision Critical Customer Summit
  • Campus Party (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  • Dreamforce
  • Content Marketing World
  • New Media Expo
  • Social Media Week (multiple cities)
  • rethink (Oslo)
  • PR and Social Media Summit (Amsterdam)
  • Social Media Matters (Hong Kong)
  • Tampa Chamber of Commerce
  • Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce
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"That was the most insightful and tangible talk I've yet seen." Ryan F. Casey

"The best example of how to sell without selling." Dominic Sicotte

"What an amazing presentation! Very entertaining as well as informing." Luis Aguilar

"Scott Monty has made me want to buy a Ford car, follow a puppet's Facebook page, and find out what foxes say all in the space of 20 minutes." — Localiiz, Hong Kong’s leading lifestyle website

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Some of Scott's accomplishments at Ford include:
  • Led digital transformation across multiple functions, including communications, marketing, IT, legal, customer service
  • Established the global social media function 
  • Developed and executed Ford's first social media strategy
  • Led digital crisis communications during global automotive crisis
  • Ford Explorer  the first vehicle ever revealed via Facebook
  • Dominated coverage at auto shows via influencer relations programs
  • Advised teams on digital customer care integration
  • Strategic relationships with major platforms (GoogleFacebookTwitterYahoo)
  • The Fiesta Movement – the largest influencer program (100 cars to 100 influencers for 6 months)
  • Strategic lead and advisor for executive digital and social efforts
  • Third most-requested executive speaker at Ford, after Bill Ford, Jr. and Alan Mulally