Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Experience. Integrity. Trust.

When you're looking for strategic advice and counsel for your business efforts, experience matters. Whether you're with a brand or an agency, you need to know that you're in the hands of an executive whose understanding goes beyond a platform or two and who can anticipate the implications to the rest of the business, and to society beyond.

Transformational Storytelling 

Who doesn't love a good story? A good story well-told can mimic what it's like to experience something for real. Simply put, stories create an emotional connection. Wouldn't you like to engage your audience more deeply?

We will help you reconsider your storytelling approach, giving you essential elements to help drive your message home to audiences that matter. We can advise on a strategy and a plan to get people interested in your stories and to keep them coming back for more.

You have information and facts on products and services you want to sell, and you have people who are teeming with stories. We'll help you be on the hunt for true narratives which are both entertaining and reveal something about the spirit of your brand. 

Executive Coaching 

Leadership is hard. Executives are constantly balancing the demands of all stakeholders, while communicating to, inspiring, and serving them.

C-suite executives and their direct reports retain us for help with executive communications, personal branding, and leadership skills.

We will work with you and your executive team to identify and address issues that may be holding them back. For example: communication styles, innovation, accountability, and ethical considerations.

Available on-call to answer questions electronically and in person, we'll help you think through issues, sort out staffing or organizational challenges, or lend a perspective on anything from strategy to crises.

What you get: You get a trusted advisor and confidante who'll help you reflect, ask and answer hard questions, and give you feedback that will result in a more calm and ordered approach to your leadership.

Speaking: Roundtables, Executive Briefings, Workshops

Our presentations are Timeless and Timely: they include a look at current trends affecting some aspect of the customer experience, with allegories from history, literature or philosophy. These can take the form of keynotes, briefings, or roundtable discussions with your team. Sessions vary from an hour to a half day.

All sessions include up-front planning and ongoing access to the Scott for up to four weeks following the session (depending on which option you choose), where he will make himself available for phone calls and additional coaching during that time. More information on briefings.

With two decades of experience working at the highest levels of organizations, our work included being a trusted advisor to executives in a variety of companies and industries such as Ford Motor CompanyWalmartMcDonaldsIBMCoca-ColaAmerican Airlines, T-Mobile, and more.

From projects like the acclaimed Fiesta Movement to making the Ford Explorer the first vehicle ever revealed on Facebook, and coordination of a highly matrixed global team to getting a Fortune 10 CEO on Twitter, we've provided strategic insight and direction to teams to help shape decisions and leave a lasting and positive impact on audiences. More about Scott here.