Scott Monty - Keynote Speaker, Timeless Wisdom

Scott Monty - Keynote Speaker, Timeless Wisdom

A digital executive who has worked for some of the top companies in the world

Experience. Integrity. Trust.

When you're looking for strategic advice and counsel for your business efforts, experience matters. Whether you're with a brand or an agency, you need to know that you're in the hands of a professional whose understanding goes beyond a platform or two and who can anticipate the implications to the rest of the business.

Scott has two decades of experience in marketing, communications, influencer management, digital and social media, and audience development. He has served as a trusted advisor to executives in a variety of companies and industries, including Ford Motor Company, Walmart, McDonalds, IBM, Coca-Cola, American Airlines, T-Mobile, and more.

From projects like the acclaimed Fiesta Movement to making the Ford Explorer the first vehicle ever revealed on Facebook, and coordination of a highly matrixed global team to getting a Fortune 10 CEO on Twitter, Scott has provided strategic insight and direction to teams to help shape decisions and leave a lasting impact on audiences. More about Scott Monty Strategies here.

Consulting / Advisory Services

You've identified a gap in your business and you need some additional perspective on how to bring it to the goal line. Or maybe you've brought some agency functions back in-house, and need help on things. Scott can provide ongoing counsel as well as one-off projects to help you achieve your goals. Some examples:

1. Executive Briefings/Workshops

A presentation on current trends affecting customer experience and a roundtable discussion with your team. Sessions vary from an hour to a full day. You will have hotline access to the Scott for up to four weeks following the session (depending on which option you choose), where he will make himself available for phone calls and additional coaching during that time. More information on briefings.

2. Executive Communications / Personal Branding

Executives are not digital natives. And while many of them understand that digital is important, they don't always speak the same language. Scott's time at a Fortune 10 company meant that he was shoulder-to-shoulder with C-level executives and helped them to understand, adapt to and incorporate digital thinking in their professional or personal lives. He knows what it takes to develop a personal brand and what busy executives can handle.

3. Social/Digital Strategy Development

You need strategic advice — maybe you already have a strategy to address customer desires, but it needs tweaking. Scott can work with you and your team to ensure that the essentials are there, that your business goals are being addressed, that you're considering the right platforms and the right audiences, and can help you put it all together. Using  a vast knowledge of industry knowledge and research, we'll be able to help ensure that you've got a strategy that works.

4. Digital Transformation

The impact of social and digital media is being felt beyond the marketing or communications departments. We're in an era of social business, where multiple departments, from legal to IT to human resources to customer service, all have a stake in the matter. Scott - who is #1 on The Economist's list of social business executives - masterminded Ford's One Social vision. If you need to harness the true power of social, Scott can advise you on what you need to pay attention to.

5. Content Strategy / Brand Storytelling

While the phrase does get bandied about quite a bit, the fact is that humans thrive on stories. We always have. How can your brand go from message transmitter to true storyteller? Scott will help outline some of the essentials for you as you make the emotional connection between your brand / products and your audiences.

6. Crisis Communications

In the past, businesses had the luxury of time as a crisis developed, when they could assess the situation, gather the appropriate personnel and control the message. Those days are long gone as information now moves at the speed of tweets. Having been on the front line of digital hand-to-hand combat in the last decade, Scott can help you defend your brand's reputation in the time of need - and more importantly, before a crisis hits.

If you think these services sound like anything that you might need, or if you have some other ideas that you'd like to kick around, please get in touch today.

If you'd like Scott to give a talk at one of your events or a seminar to your team, please check out the Speaking page.