Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

You may think that the problems and challenges we're met with in the 21st century are unique and new. But if you look at the cycles of innovation, technology, and change over the course of the last few thousand years, something becomes evident: human nature doesn't change.

We complain about advancing technology. We moan to our children that "when I was your age..." something something. Even Cicero, in his oration against Verres in the first century B.C., lamented "O tempora! O mores!" which translates to "Oh the times! Oh the manners!"

It's human nature to be concerned with the customs that govern our behavior — especially when those customs are threatened by some upheaval or disruption.

And just like clockwork, our technological solutions came along but weren't accompanied by ethical solutions. We've substituted mindless entertainment for quiet reflection (as we opined in the Enough Already edition of The Full Monty). We've become fixated on watching other people's stream of updates on various social networks instead of doing what enriches us and helps us improve ourselves.

So do yourself a favor: consciously get out of the online rut you're in. Put down your phone and pick up a book. Instead of opening your laptop, talk a walk. Spend time with your family, talking to your parents or children, or writing (yes, actually physically writing!) a note to a friend. Because without technology (beware the zombie apocalypse!), they're all you've got.

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Image credit: Ships Running Aground During a Storm by Ludolf Bakhuizen, 1690s, public domain.

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