Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

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The Internet Report has arrived; and to prove that visual are a thing, emoji are all the rage this week; Asia leads mobile ad-blocking; why agencies use technology that they know will fail; marketing for kids; how Mark Zuckerberg set out to crush Google+; non-video interaction has fallen sharply on Facebook; Jack is Twitter's final hope; Snapchat surpasses Twitter's DAUs; scaling in the 21st century is difficult; bots for better search, travel and art; how Disney's digital newsroom approaches its work; essential Google Analytics reports; why reading matters; plus, our weekly trivia challenge, podcast pick, and more.

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  • One of the sections of the report indicated that Gen Z is more prone to communicating with images than text. As if on queue, emoji seemed to be everywhere in the news this week:
    • The Unicode Consortium is introducing 72 new emoji which will join the 1,601 already in existence, adding a number of long-requested symbols. Yes, ROFL and bacon have been granted emoji status. Glad to see bowties and bourbon have made the list as well. Frank Sinatra would feel right at home (along with me). 

  • Marketing automation company Marketo has been purchased by a private equity firm. Gone are the fears that an enterprise IT company would scoop them up to enter the marketing automation space and compete with IBM, Oracle and Adobe.
  • Ad tech is ruining the web with questionable content and shell websites that can throw off major advertisers. It's a little-realized and extremely dirty way of boosting traffic numbers.
  • From Digiday's "Confessions" series: ad agencies use technology even when they know it will fail. Why? To check boxes and win awards. Is this an a breach of ethics and of fiduciary duty to the client?
  • You'll want to check out this eight-part series on Marketing for Kids, beginning with part 8 (links to the other seven parts are included — just work your way back from there). It's a valuable resource against which to benchmark your own marketing skill set.
  • Sugar Land, Texas now has its own selfie statue. It's probably just a clever ruse to lure Kim Kardashian there.

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      • Twitter/Periscope/Vine
        • Another long read from Vanity Fair: Twitter is betting everything on Jack Dorsey. Will it work? Two noteworthy details: Co-founder and board member Ev Williams tried (and failed) to get Twitter to buy his second startup, Medium, for $500 million, and Twitter's board does not have a Plan B should Dorsey's turnaround sputter and fail.
        • Twitter's new Ad Carousel product allows brands to include multiple tweets and media types, and tweets of followers (with permission).
        • Twitter has become the ultimate channel for digital diplomacy for world leaders and governments. It is the prime social network used by heads of state and government in 173 countries, representing 90 percent of all United Nations (UN) member states, according to Burson-Marsteller‘s latest Twiplomacy study. It works pretty well for corporate diplomacy via customer service too.
        • Twitter temporarily removed a parody Vladimir Putin account and Russian social media users got enraged. That's ironic. Suddenly Russians object to censorship? At least they know Jack won't send them to Siberia for speaking out.

          Trivia question: What new and enviable job did Time, Inc. post last week?*

          Collaborative / Autonomous Economy 


            • According to Nielsen research podcast listeners tend to be an active bunch. Your advertising or sponsorship should probably reflect that - or, more appropriately, the specific interests of your audience.
            • Program of the Week. This week's recommendation is Five Minutes of Rum, suggested by Steve Coulson. As you can imagine, it focuses on a particular spirit, a few minutes at at time. Perfect for the rum enthusiast, just as summer kicks off. Do you have a program to recommend? Add yours to our Google Sheet: smonty.co/yourpodcasts

            Content / Customer Experience / Influencer Marketing

            Privacy / Security / Legal

            Measurement / Metrics / Data 

            * Answer to the trivia question above: 

            • On Wednesday, Time Inc. launched Extra Crispy, a breakfast-focused vertical run out of its Brooklyn-based “creative lab” The Foundry. Extra Crispy is hiring a bacon critic who will get a chance to report on bacon during a three-month freelance gig. Smart. If it was a full-time gig, Time would have to cover the healthcare expenses of the reporter. The freelancer gets to cover their own bacon-related maladies

            When You Have the Time: Essential Watching / Listening / Reading 

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