Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

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The adpocalypse is nigh; live video tips; we've reached peak TV; social media beats word of mouth for small business; the most popular messaging app; Google may ditch passwords; Continuous Live Video on Facebook; Twitter makes a long-awaited update; Snapchat stats; Uber ends surge pricing - sort of; Toyota and VW ink ridesharing deals; the Podcast Consumer 2016; advertising power of podcasts; it's 10 pm - do you know where your content is? when your apartment building wants you to friend them on Facebook; you don't need more data; our weekly trivia challenge, podcast pick, an event discount and more.

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  • Between 2009 and 2015, the number of scripted TV shows has doubled; Netflix has committed $5 billion to 600 hours of programming. It's official: we've reached peak TV. Then why do my kids always watch the same 5 episodes of Spongebob Squarepants, Clarence, Adventure Time and Teen Titans Go?
  • Social media is dethroning traditional word of mouth as a main channel for small businesses. Specifically, social and online video are replacing television as a place to reach Millennials. If you're playing the Millennial mention game, drink!
  • Mobile users spend more time with apps, but which segments dominate time spent? Search, portals and social apps.
  • The most popular messaging app on Android is WhatsApp, which is used in 109 countries. Facebook Messenger isn't even a close second.
  • John Deere measures employee morale every two weeks. What's your excuse for your outdated and outmoded annual survey?
  • The social news service Nuzzle is launching a content curation tool for newsletters, creating what it's calling "the world's first network of newsletters." Curation for newsletters? You don't say. But I'll bet they don't have such witty commentary that accompanies theirs.
  • France is banning email after hours and on weekends. And with their summer holidays, that means the French are getting even closer to banning the 4-hour work week. One wonders if this also applies to corporate staffing of social accounts, which are increasingly becoming a customer service channel. The intentions may be good, but the wider-reaching implications may be problematic.

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      • Alphabet
        • Google Maps will feature local search ads and expanded text ads for businesses. We'll begin to see more of this cross-app utility cropping up in many apps that want to keep users within their app for as long as possible.
        • Google may be doing away with passwords. The replacement? A trust score that incorporates various data points about a user.
      • Facebook
        • Facebook is introducing Continuous Live Video, a version of its Live video that lifts the 90-minute restriction but eliminates the ability to archive or replay the video. We understand some nature preserves are using it. And possibly Gary Vaynerchuk.
        • Facebook’s newest feature could fundamentally change how you watch video: it will show you where the most engaging parts a Live video are.
        • Through a mix of cookie tracking, its own buttons and plugins and other data to identify non-users on third-party websites, Facebook will serve ads outside of its platform. You thought the ad tracking on Facebook was already creepy? You ain't seen nothin' yet.
        • Facebook's desktop-focused FBX ad exchange is being shut down. Clearly, the focus is on mobile.
        • You'll want to bookmark and read this four-part series called The Facebook Papers, which looks at what happens when what you do is now done by someone else.
        • Facebook Reactions have been out for a few months now. But it seems that users are rooted in Liking things; the other five reactions aren't picking up much steam. With Donald Trump still on the election trail, we would have expected to see more Angry.

      • Twitter/Periscope/Vine
        • Twitter has implemented some changes that users have long wanted: @reply names and attachments will no longer count toward the 140-character limit. Also, they've eliminated the requirement for a dot in front of an @ to make a tweet visible to everyone. And now you can quote and retweet yourself. As if there wasn't enough digital narcissism currently.
        • Twitter's commerce team is no more, and the company has ceased development of the 'Buy' button. The resources are being put to the core product. This is the kind of focus that the company needs if it wishes to succeed — fewer side projects will keep them attuned to essential improvements. Besides, social buying has yet to take off.
        • Twitter's stockholders have approved Jack Dorsey's plan to give one-third of his stock to employees. Dorsey tweeted that he'd "rather have a smaller part of something big than a bigger part of something small." As opposed to Peter Thiel, who'd like to make something big much smaller.
      • Snapchat
        • Betsy Lack has joined Snapchat from Vanity Fair as head of global brand partnerships.
        • Snapchat has raised $1.8 billion in a Series F round of funding, now has more than 110 million daily active users (DAUs), with an estimated $250-350 million in revenue in 2016, and a $20 billion valuation. They can't be stopped.
      Image credit: Techcrunch

      • A breakdown on Baidu, the Google for China, and how its three big ad offerings — Search, Baidu Union and Brand Zone — work for brands and publishers.

        Trivia question: Why did the FCC fine a Florida citizen $48,000? *

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          • You'll want to read through Edison Research's The Podcast Consumer 2016. Some takeaways:
            • 55% recognition of the term "podcasting" among US citizens (up from 49% in 2015)
            • 36% of the US population (98 million) has listened to a podcast
            • Podcast listeners are affluent and highly educated 


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