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Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

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Google releases the hounds; a Chewbacca mask makes the Internet collectively crack up; a new look for the AMA; why it's hard to get a company to act as one; the Keystone Cops of Facebook video; the strengths marketing leaders are looking for; the editorial bias is with humans, not institutions; Twitter directors need to tweet; Yahoo isn't all that; a comprehensive Pew Research study on the collaborative economy; putting hosts to work as Airbnb lobbyists; jobs that robots won't do well; engagement alone is not a strategy; VR for storytelling; the effectiveness (?) of influencer marketing; looking at the Facebook feed as a liberal and as a conservative; our weekly trivia challenge, podcast pick, an event discount and more.

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  • The American Marketing Association (AMA) unveiled its new brand identity and logo that reflects both the transformation of the organization and its vision for the future. Since 1937, the AMA has been the pre-eminent force in marketing for thought leadership and valued relationships across the entire marketing community. Disclosure: I serve on the board of directors of the AMA.
  • Working at a large company means dealing with competing interests. When it comes to getting a company to act as a unified whole, even the best intentions are often undermined by three fundamental challenges: lack of visibility, too much complexity, and difficulty establishing trust.
  • We've often cited the user experience with ads that is driving ad blocking; but with mobile ad blockers, the fact is that most people install them because ad tech causes the page to load too slowly and eating up data.
  • In the next three years, marketers will put more budget into desktop and mobile video ads; nearly half intend to shift ad dollars away from broadcast TV. Video is the future — on every device.
    • Related fact: over 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound. Create your video content accordingly. It's strange, isn't it? "Moving pictures" began with silent movies. And we're right back where we started. It requires a different kind of thinking to execute effectively.
  • If you like your videos with sound, then Netflix has about $6 billion worth of original content headed your way. Six. Billion. Dollars. And that's just for 2016. Tell me again why an extra dollar a month for your subscription is such an imposition.
  • It's time to redefine employee engagement for 2016: annual survey data isn't timely, it's highly subjective, and more than a handful of executives need to be involved.
  • The challenge of the business side of public relations includes operating without a business plan, organized chaos, constantly changing technology, and a difficulty with measurement. Tune in to hear more (or read the transcript) of this fascinating conversation between Chip Griffin and Gini Dietrich.
  • In "a desperation to be relevant on mobile," brands have been creating their own emoji keyboards — some 250 have been made by brands so far. And while certainly popular and easy to make, there’s no evidence that they’re really working. Why? Likely because people speak your own language, not the brand language that you foist on them.
  • UK Prime Minister David Cameron is on Tinder, hoping to get lucky. Not in love, but with votes from a younger demographic. Swipe right for conservatives, swipe left for liberals
  • Digital marketing – including social media – is the skill that the greatest share of CMOs believe is most important to their marketing team’s success today, per results from a recent Spencer Stuart survey of 150 marketing leaders. They also said that data analytics and insight skills, along with strategic thinking, are among the most difficult to find when recruiting.

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      • Alphabet
        • Google I/O happened last week, and as usual, the company broke news about a number of new products (comprehensive listing).
        • But if you want the top 10, here they are, according to The Verge. We'll outline a few below as well, but right now, it's Google vs. Everybody — Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, etc.
        • Facebook and Samsung now have some competition in the virtual reality space, with Google Daydream, a mobile phone-compatible VR device that is slated to work with any kind of smartphone that runs with Android N operating system (not just a Samsung) — plus headset manufacturers may use Daydream to create their own compatible headsets. Prediction: this is the technology that will open up VR to the masses.
        • There's also Google Assistant, which we'll cover below in the Bot section of our newsletter.
        • Duo is an HD video calling app that's an answer to Facetime and Skype.
        • And Allo is a messaging app, with Google's search function built right in. The reason for video chat separate from messaging? To keep the apps lightweight and differentiate from the others. Not sure that people will want additional apps; time will tell how functional Google makes them.
        • Google Home is an always-listening small speaker that will compete with Amazon Echo coming out later this year. No, it's not creepy that in addition to owning your browsing and searching habits, your email and your online storage, Google will now have access to everything you say in your home. Not creepy at all.
        • But when you look at everything that Alphabet has done, it's a matter of catching up and competing to be the best amid competitors like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple.
      • Snapchat
        • Here we go again. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all implemented an algorithm for their feeds. Snapchat is next. If history is any guide, expect widespread complaining for a few weeks, followed by a muted acceptance.
      • If anything, these social network algorithms serve at least one other purpose, thanks to the "filer bubble": boosting conspiracy theories.

        Trivia question: In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, how old is Chewbacca? *

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