Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

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This week: upheavals and salves in the media industry; cord cutters' complaints; tech earnings surprises; mobile revenue drives Facebook; video revenue is more lucrative for publishers on Twitter; boosting video engagement with poll cards; why you don't get Snapchat; Uber's unlikely domination in London; watch the driverless trucks; the reinvention of Pandora; why marketers can't grasp storytelling; how Edward Snowden aided terrorists; new marketing analytics tools for 2016; how to tell a CEO apart from a toddler; a couple of PSAs; our weekly trivia challenge, podcast pick and more.

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        Trivia question: Sir Ian McKellen released an app last week. What does it do? *

        Collaborative / Autonomous Economy 

        • Transportation
          • London was the 11th city that Uber went into, but it was like no other taxi market that the company had attempted to disrupt. Any city with taxi drivers who need something called 'the Knowledge' to drive is going to be different. To understand how the $60B company is taking over the world, you need to stop thinking about cars. This is a fascinating story of Uber's take-no-prisoners approach in the market in which it was least likely to succeed.
          • Time is money. And Uber would like to start charging riders who are more than two minutes late. However, no word on whether they'll let riders collect a discount for drivers who take longer than the app indicates.
          • Somtimes, working at a pre-IPO company leaves employees with drastic options. To wit: Handcuffed to Uber.


        Content / Customer Experience

        Privacy / Security / Legal

        Measurement / Metrics / Data 

        * Answer to the trivia question above: 

        When You Have the Time: Essential Watching / Listening / Reading 

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