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Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

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This week: the real April Fools were not consumers; what it means to be a digital agency; home pages still matter; email is more important than ever; welcoming our new bot overlords; Marissa Mayer's vision for Yahoo; Facebook bows out of NFL streaming opportunity; Snapchat releases a major update; the financial model for the Uber economy; doubling sales through podcast advertising; what drives consumer satisfaction; hacking elections; don't let your personality run away with grammar and corrections;  the Zignal Labs chart of the week, our weekly trivia challenge, podcast pick and more.

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The Full Monty Preview - April 3, 2016
It's the spring snow edition of #SundaysWithScott - commentary, trivia, bow tie of the week and more.
Posted by Scott Monty on Sunday, April 3, 2016

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  • Buzzfeed's approach with Swarm signifies that brands don't need to pay as much heed to their own websites any more. But do they? Recent data actually show that while home page visitors may be fewer in number than social sharing or search, home page visitors are more valuable. Makes sense. Those are the people who actually want to be on your site.
  • Why don't marketers personalize content? Because it's hard to do at scale. To blame? Technology, of course. Well, that and a lack of commitment to it, because in the lazy approach, content = advertising.

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  • Alphabet
    • As mentioned above, Gmail's mic drop April Fools prank backfired in a big way.
    • Google is expanding its Fiber service to include a home phone service. It's interesting to watch some of the leading tech companies take on old school functions - cf. Amazon's brick and mortar stores.

    Trivia question: What index does former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan use to predict economic recovery? *

    Collaborative / Autonomous Economy 

    • Transportation
      • Uber is on the hook to face a class-action price-fixing lawsuit by passengers, who claim the company and drivers collaborated to drive up fare prices.
      • Ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft may not kill the auto industry; in fact, they're likely to boost it, as sales increase and become less cyclical. Increased use means further wear-and-tear, and possibly a smoother sales cycle.
      • Lyft is piloting Lyft Carpool, a commuting ride-sharing plan, with an incentive for drivers to join.
      • The founder of Sidecar is leaving General Motors for Uber. GM acquired the assets and personnel of the ride-sharing company that it acquired in February. 
    • Autonomous
      • "While self-driving cars will likely force auto insurers to rethink their business models, widespread adoption of this technology is decades away, allowing insurers plenty of time to adapt," according to a Moody's report. In the near term, accident avoidance technologies will have a more immediate, positive impact on auto insurers.


    • SoundCloud is launching SoundCloud Go, a $9.99 monthly subscription for access to premium licensed content. This should give Spotify a bit of a wake-up call.
    • Meanwhile, Spotify raised $1 billion in debt financing. The company posted a net loss of €162 million in 2014 on €1.08 billion in revenue.
    • How did Mack Whedon double underwear sales? Through podcast advertising. There's a halo-effect around the advertised products and services that good content provides.
    • Podcast Recommendation of the Week. This week's recommendation is HowSound. From fieldwork and recording techniques to narrative and ethics, HowSound explores the ins-and-outs of radio storytelling. Do you have a podcast recommendation for us? Add yours to our Google Sheet: smonty.co/yourpodcasts

    Content / Customer Experience

    Privacy / Security / Legal

    Measurement / Metrics / Data 

    Chart of the Week

    Brought to you by Zignal Labs, a realtime, cross media analytics platform (also a client of Scott Monty Strategies).

    As we move into another week of primaries for the US presidential election, Donald Trump continues his lead. However, we see Bernie Sanders picking up some steam and outpacing every other candidate, including his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Not how the spikes follow the pattern of mainstream media news, demonstrating how much conversation is still driven by news organizations in addition to social media.

    * Answer to the trivia question above: 

    • Former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan uses the Underwear Index to discern whether or not the economy is in recovery mode. Evidently, men put off buying underwear when money is tight. 

    When You Have the Time: Essential Watching / Listening / Reading 

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    Image source: USCG photo by Telfair H. Brown, Sr. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons (adapted)


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