Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

When I made the decision to launch Scott Monty Strategies last year, it was with a very specific purpose to help brands and agencies improve the great work they're already doing in communications and marketing. While I've been known for my digital aptitude, I've increasingly focused my thinking, practice and consultancy on understanding the fundamentals of human communication and behavior.

As such, you can imagine that it's encouraging to find like-minded colleagues who share the same viewpoint and whom I respect. And when it's someone who used to be a counterpart at a competitive brand, it gets even more interesting.

Christopher Barger led the social media efforts at General Motors before I joined Ford. I thought highly of his work there even before I accepted the job, and continued to admire the workman-like effort that he and his team undertook in the darkest hours of the automotive crisis. We had a healthy competition, but were more friends than 'frenemies,' as our public discourse made us out to be. And when Chris wrote The Social Media Strategist, I was deeply honored that he asked me to write the foreword. So when he launched Christopher Barger Communications, I knew there was an opportunity for us to join forces once again.

Strategic Collaboration

As of today, Scott Monty Strategies and Christopher Barger Communications will be aligned to team up on client work that are beyond the scope of either single organization or that require the thought leadership of each team.

While there are plenty of 'gurus' and 'ninjas' out there who seem to be fixated on the latest platform or shiny object, and there are a number of very savvy practitioners who are conversant in the language and activities of digital platforms, few of them have significant backgrounds in developing broader communications and marketing strategies that align with business objectives. Scott and Christopher have each had senior executive roles within Fortune 10 companies and have been party to the strategic planning, tactical execution and business focus behind marketing and communications efforts.

At the same time, there are a number of corporate communications executives who are quite talented with traditional messaging and communications planning, but are having trouble with some of the finer points of digital. Perhaps they understand that digital is important, but have trouble conveying it to a team that's been raised with traditional marketing or communications training. Or perhaps their own expertise is now taken for granted internally and they need the validation and support of an expert third party.

That's where we come in.

Executives steeped in digital

Scott and Christopher are prepared to put their extensive experience to work together for the right opportunities. Services include:
  • Public speaking
  • Strategic communications planning 
  • Corporate storytelling
  • Message development 
  • Crisis communications
  • Executive coaching
  • Influencer relations
  • Creative tactics
Whether we can help you with advisory work or a speak to your team at a corporate event, you'll be getting decades of industry experience from two executives who have worked for agencies and corporations alike, with a high degree of success.

Clients of Scott Monty Strategies are among some of the best known or well-respected brands in their respective industries, if not in the world. We look forward to providing twice the level of thoughtful and seasoned strategic communications and marketing that each one of us has previously delivered.

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