Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Don't panic — there's extreme news at Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn and Uber, Super Bowl digital content expands, clicks on mobile banner ads, Apple's apps need work, the best career of the 21st century, the Economist publishes to messaging app Line, Death Star vs. co-op platforms and the sharing economy, a podcast measurement breakthrough, the most effective audience-building tool, a one-hour security drill, the EU data pact needs your attention, why vanity metrics don't tell all, a new search engine, the Chart of the Week, plus our trivia challenge, our podcast pick and more, it's The Full Monty.

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  • Alphabet (Google)

    Trivia question: In an effort to crack down on driver abuse, Uber is turning to which children's toy? *

    Collaborative Economy 

    • Uber
      • Uber surprised everyone by suddenly changing its logo. In a blog post and video, the company said that they stand for the confluence of bits and atoms. And here's the back story. But the logo is puzzling people. From "mini Death Star" to "Pac-Man with an intestinal blockage," people don't seem to know what to make of it. To us, this move is a clear indicator of Uber's broader potential. And if you look at the old 'U' logo, you can achieve the new logo by turning the U 90 degrees and having it envelop everything within it. Again, indicative of Uber's vision. 
      • And as an aside, just to show you what kind of control freaks there are at Uber, their blog post cannot be flipped into Flipboard, nor can their video be shared or embedded. You have to visit their site to see the update.
      • If you think the Death Star and control freak comments are off base, read this piece on how the sharing economy faces a threat as the rise of platform wars is on: platform co-ops vs. the Death Star platforms (Uber, Airbnb). A long but important read.
      • As Uber tries to undercut its rivals with fare cuts, it alienates its most important set of stakeholders: its drivers — to the extent that they're going on strike. Drivers striking at Uber. This must be how the company knows it has arrived.
      • Uber partnered with Dick's Sporting Goods to deliver Super Bowl champion t-shirts before the game was even over. Although, after seeing the game, it was pretty clear from the first half who would win


    • Podcasting in 2015 feels like blogging circa 2004. The same trends we saw a decade ago — professionalization on one hand, platformization on the other — sure seem to be playing out again.
    • SoundCloud is getting ready to launch its own "radio stations" features. Similar to other radio services, like Pandora, Stations allow users to listen to an endless stream of music based on a track, search terms, or other content stream.
    • The public radio industry has developed a set of measurement guidelines that can help advertisers in their quest to sponsor podcasts.
    • Podcast Recommendation of the Week. This week, in the wake of Super Bowl ads, check out The Beancast, the definitive weekly conversation on trends that are affecting your brand. Each week Bob Knorpp hosts a panel of marketing pundits to cover topics of interest. Do you have a podcast recommendation for us? Add yours to our Google Sheet: smonty.co/yourpodcasts

    Content / Customer Experience

    Privacy / Security / Legal

    Measurement / Metrics / Data 

    Chart of the Week

    Brought to you by Zignal Labs, a realtime, cross media analytics platform (also a client of Scott Monty Strategies).

    While emoji may be more of a recent phenomenon with press releases (Chevrolet), pizza ordering (Dominos) and Facebook's pending Reactions, it's nonetheless something on the mind of those who need to perform analytics. This week's chart is an emoji cloud related to the political candidates.

    * Answer to the trivia question above: 

    • In an effort to crack down on driver abuse, Uber is turning to a children's toy to occupy the attention of drunk passengers. Sure, it may occupy drunk passengers, but by the end of their shift, after having listened to it for hours on end, will Uber drivers want to attack someone?

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