Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Twitter needs help with its communications strategy

A rough week for Twitter, Facebook by the numbers, the IAB goes off on AdBlock Plus, the relevance of TV ads in the digital age, here comes the Alpha Generation, Coca-Cola has a short memory, news and apps, Yellow Cab blames Uber for its lack of strategy, renting an igloo on Airbnb, Amazon's Spotify killer, Wendy's takes down Burger King in one tweet, using your phone at the ATM, measuring customer engagement, purposeless walking, the Millennials are coming, the Chart of the Week, plus our trivia challenge, our podcast pick and more, it's The Full Monty.

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We're back with our Sunday evening Facebook Mentions chat #SundaysWithScott. We'll be off next week, due to everyone else watching the Super Bowl.

The Full Monty Preview - February 1, 2016
It's the preview of The Full Monty for February 1, 2016 - trivia, rants and more. #SundaysWithScott
Posted by Scott Monty on Sunday, January 31, 2016


  • Next Sunday is Super Bowl L (that's 50 for all of you non-Latin readers) and that means that the focus will be on the ads. Yes, even in the digital age, TV ads reign supreme, as their massive reach has no match. While digital platforms are tempting for better targeting, it means multiple creative executions rather than the one-size-fits-all approach of Super Bowl TV ads
  • Meanwhile, Viceland, the joint venture of A&E Networks and Vice that will replace the H2 channel, is trying to reinvent the TV ad model, offering advertisers less commercial clutter along with custom content and things like “pod takeovers,” where brands can run longer pieces of content in between shows.
  • Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO of the IAB (the Interactive Advertising Bureau), is mad as hell and he's not going to take it any more. At the IAB's annual leadership meeting last week, he called AdBlock Plus "an old-fashioned extortion racket" that "den[ies] freedom to everyone else." See him in action:

    • With the marketing landscape getting more complex, it's important to have specialist generalists who can see the ecosystem as a whole and help integrate paid, earned and owned aspects and execute along five main strategies.
    • If you're tired of hearing about Millennials (more on that in the last section), good news! Now you can prepare to hear all about the Alpha Generation, who are 0 to 2 years old today. You might be surprised. Great. Prepare for a decade and a half nothing but articles on the Alphas.
    • Consumers want brands to embody many core values, with quality topping the list. The next two are tied: reliability/durability and honesty/transparency. This is quite telling that people want ethical behavior in addition to good product design.


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    Trivia question: Texting while driving is a no-no. But this Michigan driver died as a result of doing what online? *

    Collaborative Economy 


    Content / Customer Experience

    • Content marketing is about to enter a weird time. Using the Gartner Hype Cycle, we're beyond the inflated peak of expectations and in the trough of disillusionment. Now is the time to dig in.
    • While the brain is wired to follow stories in a linear fashion, there's still value in considering other ways to tell a story.
    • Use these 355+ words to power-up your marketing efforts.
    • The new customer service line: Facebook Messenger. Why complain to a live human when you can thumb-type it out without leaving Facebook, and in the privacy of your own messaging app?
    • When Burger King took a swipe at Wendy's 4 for $4 deal by offering "5 for $4, because 5 is better than 4," Wendy's didn't take it lying down. People love it when brands trash each other online. It makes for good viewing and it humanizes the brands in the process

    Privacy / Security / Legal

    Measurement / Metrics / Data 

    Chart of the Week

    Brought to you by Zignal Labs, a realtime, cross media analytics platform (also a client of Scott Monty Strategies).

    With over 2,000 mentions on the day of its announcement, the Go Pro / Periscope topic is growing fast. Looking through some of the top mentioned articles, this partnership comes at a tough time for GoPro as they recently just laid off 7% of the company.

    Yet sentiment remains quite positive, which supports the announcement and reflects on the general attitude toward GoPro products.

    * Answer to the trivia question above: 

    • A Michigan driver was ejected from his vehicle during a rollover on I-75 and was found pantsless at the scene. Police determined that he had been watching p*rn while driving and was...enjoying himself. Talk about distracted driving. Chalk up one more reason for the push toward autonomous vehicles or Uber.

    When You Have the Time: Essential Watching / Listening / Reading 

    • And finally, you've read plenty about Millennials. Watch this short clip from Scott Stratten, one of the best public speakers we know:

    Millennials Don't Know Our Pain
    Scott talks about Millennials and the pain they just don't understand, like rewinding.At the Brian Buffini Success Tour stop in Toronto, I talk about how we should be thankful we're not Millennials.See Scott at the 2016 Success Tour stops! http://www.buffiniandcompany.com/events/success-tour/default.aspxTo have Scott energize your conference with a keynote, go to www.ScottStratten.com or call 1-888-580-9969
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