Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Influencer marketing has become almost commonplace at this point. But often times, it's done in an almost aimless way. Not haphazardly, but perhaps without as much scrutiny and direction as possible — as if someone is checking a box on a campaign effort.

We've been a rise in programmatic and a surge in interest in adtech, which are advancing our technological capabilities more than ever. Even Facebook's solutions like Custom Audiences allow us to be smarter with how we reach people by using algorithms and behavioral targeting. Automation takes mass marketing and approximates a personal experience.

But frankly, nothing can supplant an actual personal relationship. If you're doing influencer management well, it means knowing more than just the stats and affiliations of the influencers you're trying to reach; ideally, you should be engaging with them on a regular basis and getting involved with them in more than a superficial way. When you start replying to their posts or liking their content just prior to preparing to ask them for something, it's fairly obvious what you're up to.

Influencer marketing is like building a relationship. It takes effort and it takes a personal commitment. Are you ready to make a commitment to your influencers?

Image credit: hojusaram (Flickr)