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Advertising is annoying — mostly because it lacks trust, tips for marketers starting out and looking for boardroom seats, what ISIS has that you don't, Yahoo on the ropes, Google searches within apps, Facebook lets you take a break from your ex, the future of the work-related social network, money flowing into Airbnb and Lyft, what led to Rdio's downfall, what's killing content marketing, know your FTC guidelines, measuring TV ad impact, life before smartphones, plus our weekly trivia challenge, the podcast pick of the week and more, it's The Week in Digital.

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Live video preview of The Week in Digital - Nov. 22, 2015
Posted by Scott Monty on Sunday, November 22, 2015

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  • Yahoo
    • Yet another high-level executive departure has people wondering if Marisa Mayer's grand plans for Yahoo are about to implode. To sum up, there's been lots of busy-ness, but not much strategy. Oh, and a $70,000 Wizard of Oz photo shoot for executives.
    • Some users of Yahoo Mail were locked out of their accounts after being notified that they couldn't access their mail if they used ad blockers. As if it's not already hard enough to get people to use Yahoo mail. And did you catch the part in the above piece where Mayer kiboshed a $70 million grossing ad on Yahoo Mail's home page because she didn't like the user experience?
  • Google
    • The new Google+ has debuted, and it focuses on Communities and Collections. So, it's more about topics that are of common interest than it is about connecting individuals with each other.
    • You'll be able to find and stream content within apps — even if you haven't downloaded the app. Just goes to show the ubiquity and importance of apps, and that the Web isn't necessarily the destination we'll send all of our visitors to.
    • And one of the apps that Google will now be able to search: Facebook. This is huge. And clearly part of Facebook's strategy to be everyone's destination.
    • Twitter
      • Why Twitter killed the count total on its tweet button. Not a wise move, when the button appears alongside other similar buttons with counts. Perhaps it will send users scurrying to the analytics dashboard? Great for publishers, but it does diddly squat for site visitors, who might wish to know how popular a piece is.
      • Twitter recently changed the favorite star to a like heart. And now it's experimenting with other emojis.

    Trivia question: What did the Oxford Dictionaries choose as the Word of the Year for 2015? *

    Collaborative Economy 


    •  Streaming audio provider Pandora purchased the assets of streaming audio provider Rdio for $75 million. Pandora wants to create an on-demand option that will be more competitive with Apple Music and Spotify.
    • What let to the downfall of a first mover like Rdio? It wasn't just its odd spelling, but rather the competition. That's right, Spotify killed the Rdio star.
    • Podcast Recommendation of the Week. This week, check out The Virgin Podcast. Each week the Virgin Podcast interviews somebody interesting. It might be a well-known entrepreneur, somebody who’s written a new book, somebody from the world of tech or travel. The main thing is that they’re interesting – and that they’ve got a great story to tell, one we can all learn from. Do you have a podcast recommendation for us? Add yours to our Google Sheet: smonty.co/yourpodcasts

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    * Answer to the trivia question above: 

    • The Oxford English Dictionaries chose an emoji as the Word of the Year. That's the "face with tears of joy," in case you didn't recognize it. Other words and expressions that made the 2015 Word of the Year shortlist: Ad blocker, Dark Web, lumbersexual, on fleek, refugee, Brexit, and sharing economy.

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