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Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Commodus gives Facebook permission to dislike

To block or not to block, to Like or Dislike, the most effective digital channels, cord cutting is becoming more prevalent, Google Car gets a CEO, buying and selling with Twitter, journalists get the ability to track trends, data and stories in Facebook, Snapchat has some enterprising developments, the competition heats up for Uber internationally, a house-sharing no-no, the importance of a story strategy, the changing landscape of SEO, Google wants privacy laws updated, a keynote you won't want to miss and more, it's The Week in Digital.

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Posted by Scott Monty on Sunday, September 20, 2015


Trivia question: According to research, which digital tactic is the most effective in driving ROI?*

Percent of paid subscribers likely to cut the cord
Plus, 7.1% in the 25-34 age range were "very likely" to subscribe to a non-cable pay TV service in the next year.

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  • Google
    • Google invested $32.5 million in Oscar, a healthcare insurance startup. Customers can talk to physicians on the phone for free, and they receive fitness trackers from Oscar. If done at scale, this could bring valuable data to the healthcare industry and even the CDC, with whom Google has collaborated on seasonal sickness search trends.
    • Google landed John Krafcic, former CEO of TrueCar and Hyundai, as its new CEO of Google Car
  • Facebook
    • The biggest news out of Facebook this week came from an all-hands meeting in which CEO Mark Zuckerberg indicated that the company is working on a dislike button. The Internet flew into a typical tizzy, but it was clear from the announcement that it would be a limited use feature and one that allowed commenters to express empathy, such as regarding the death of a loved one. We're a little disappointed; we thought this was being created with election season in mind.
    • Facebook's Like buttons will soon start tracking your web activity akin to the way cookies attach on certain ads and websites. What's not to like? 
    • Facebook at Work will debut some time before the end of the year. The office place version of the platform has been in beta since January and will likely have a freemium pricing model.
    • Signal for Facebook and Instagram is a free discovery and curation tool for journalists who want to source, gather, and embed newsworthy content. They'll be able to see trends, data on who's driving conversations, save content and data for sharing outside of Facebook and more. This is clearly another move, along with Facebook Mentions, of Facebook taking the offensive against Twitter in trying to own realtime and the news.
    • Virtual reality seems a bit of a stretch, with the requirement of those clunky headsets. But Facebook is looking to eliminate that hassle by making VR available on your mobile device through a stand-alone app that only requires users to tilt their phones.

Collaborative Economy 

  • A rather radical position, but one journalist thinks we've killed the sharing economy. We'd prefer to kill the term "sharing economy," as it's not entirely accurate, but if there are commodity services that are used frequently, those are the the ones that are ripe for disruption — not the one-off mundane instances of needing to borrow a power tool.
  • You know your competitors really dislike you when they go out of their way to partner. Lyft and Did Kuaidi have formed an international alliance that allows their users to hail drivers when in China and the United States, respectively. With Uber being blocked by Tencent's Didi in China, this run-around effectively creates a global system without resorting to the aggressive tactics that Uber typically uses in new markets.
  • Speaking of spiting your competitor, France's BlaBlaCar, the local competitor to Uber, raised $200 million in its latest round, on a $1.6 billion valuation. This was France's largest round of venture funding ever.
  • And Asia isn't done with ride-hailing competition. India's cab-hailing solution Ola is raising over $500 million on a $5 billion valuation.
  • This Airbnb couple got more than they bargained for: after they left for a week at Burning Man, they got an email from a friend saying he just booked their home on Airbnb. The only problem: they left it in the care of a housesitter, who promptly put the property up for rent. Quite an enterprising entrepreneur!  
  • Breather, which allows users to book peaceful, practical spaces to work or relax, has raised $20 million in funding. It's already available in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Ottowa and Montreal; expect more cities to be added.
  • Barnes & Noble is using its space to host workshops and collaborations on behalf of Maker Faire. This could give Maker Faire a boost in scale and give B&N a boost in reputation.
  • Auto companies face some serious competition from ride-hailing apps. These technologies make it less attractive for consumers to purchase vehicles. One columnist even thinks Uber may kill the auto industryWhile we understand the larger point, Uber can't really survive without the auto industry, can it? Plus, a number of auto companies like Ford and BMW have begun to develop their own ride-sharing programs. 
  • If Uber did lose the class-action suit that was given the green light, and subsequently had to categorize its drivers as employees, it could expect costs to rise by more than $4 billion.



  • Uber vehicles will carry their own in-car magazine, Arriving Now. The first edition launched in conjunction with New York Fashion Week and will contain pro tips, hotspots and exclusive deals. Expect more of this local and specialized content in other cities.
  • A look at the state of social media content in 12 charts provides some valuable insights, including: publishers drive the most engagement on social media, with brands close behind; National Geographic is a leader, with more actions taken than BuzzFeed; video is the future of content; Millennials want to be funny while older generations want to tell a story.
  • Have you considered the strategic aim of your storytelling? Every company needs a story strategy to align its efforts and stakeholders. Otherwise, you're aimlessly talking into the wind.

Metrics / Measurement / Data

* Answer to the trivia question above:

According to research by The Relevancy Group, email marketing is the most effective at contributing revenue to the bottom line. Some of the respondents even indicated email is so effective that it contributes the same amount of revenue as their social media, website and display ad efforts combined.

Email tops all digital marketing channels at ROI

Privacy / Security / Legal

  • Google, which has taken a hammering recently with respect to some of its privacy practices, has decided to address the situation in a different way: lobbying the government to reform the 30 year-old Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). After 30 years, the Act does likely need some updating. First, electronic communications have changed significantly in the last 30 years. And it needs one of those clever government acronyms like EMAIL or something
  • An appeals court indicated that Universal Music Group is on the wrong side of the law with respect to its takedown notices and fair use. The court indicated that companies must exercise good judgment before dashing off a takedown notice, and that includes considering the existence of fair use.
  • Twitter is on the receiving end of a lawsuit that claims that the company is eavesdropping on Direct Messages. It hinges on Twitter's URL shortener changing URLs to t.co links via an algorithm — even though there is no human intervention. Hey, the robots are going to be taking over the world soon enough anyway. Why not show them that even robots aren't immune from the U.S. tort system and California privacy laws? 

When You Have the Time: Essential Watching / Listening / Reading 

  • If you didn't make it to INBOUND, you missed one of the best marketing conferences of the year. And you missed this very thoughtful keynote by Seth Godin, who challenged everyone to stop waiting for reassurance, get out of their comfort zone, and remember the Leondard Bernstein quote, "I'm not sure what the question is, but I know the answer is yes."

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