Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Google spells out its changes, Apple may be driving sales, NBCUniversal invests in new media, Target troll targets Target trolls, ad blocking may be killing the Internet, using Twitter to get free pizza, Facebook says "haha," the FDA cracks down on Instagram posts, trends in crowdfunding, podcasts as the new blogs, a practical guide to content and metrics, more automotive security issues, Amazon may not be quite as amazing on the inside and more, it's The Week in Digital.

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    • Facebook
      • This spring, a student highlighted a security flaw in Facebook Messenger by creating the Marauder's Map—a program that could map users' locations (reported in our May 31, 2015 issue). That student had a Facebook internship lined up; last week, Facebook rescinded the internship based on the hack. A little ironic, considering that this is the company that has championed the hack and that has made frequent stumbles in privacy.
      • Continuing its push into making the platform more real-time, Facebook's live broadcasting capability will soon be available to journalists and verified profiles.
      • By now you've noticed Facebook's auto-playing video native ads. It is extending auto-play video ads to its Audience Network to allow app makers to do the same thing.
      • LOL is out. According to Facebook, the acronym has given way to the more plainspoken "Ha ha" when people reply to something funny online. LOL is still used, but only by older generations. So if you want to show your age, keep typing LOL. And go ahead, click the image below we dare you.
    "Ha ha!"
    Credit: Patrick Breitenbach (Flickr)

    Collaborative Economy 



    • Here's a different angle to creating your marketing pitch: create your pitch before you even make your product. Why? Because then your product will be forced to deliver on your promises. 
    • When you're creating content for your brand, have you considered your most important audience? It's your employees. What motivates your employees? Are they true advocates? Or are you treating them like a robot army that will simply re-post your content?
    • Knowing the difference between content and format is a good start in figuring out how to measure your content in this practical guide to content and its metrics. Worth a look all on its own is the Content Matrix. "Do you believe in fate, Neo?"

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