Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

The New York Times surprises with its digital subscriber numbers, a slowing of digital marketing budgets, Google tightens its ad technology, morale is low at Twitter, Facebook gets into livestreaming video- in a limited way - and will snitch on you to your banker, leaked documents from Uber provide a partial look at its finances, a San Franciscan denounces laundromats and exposes a wealth gap, a popular YouTube series develops a print publication, why it's so difficult to find a good analytics hire, a plethora of security breaches, the death of the Internet and more, it's The Week in Digital.

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    • Facebook
      • Facebook may or may not be beating YouTube at its own game. But one disgruntled YouTuber took it upon himself to clarify the battle with Theft, Lies and Facebook Video. It seems to us that these are two very different beasts: Facebook is about serendipitous views of videos shared by your friends and brands that you like; YouTube is very much about search and discovery. Should Facebook ever decide to get its act together on search, then YouTube/Google might need to worry.
      • Facebook launched Live, its livestream video feature in its Mentions app. At this point, it's only for Pages of celebrities, athletes, musicians and influencers who have Verified accounts. The rest of we mere mortals will have to be satisfied with Meerkat and Periscsope.
      • Facebook filed patents that indicate it can help lenders by determining whether you're loan-worthy by looking at your social connections. Some are crying foul. But it just goes to show your mom was right: you really are judged by the company you keep.
    • An often-overlooked and simple platform is Imgur, a visual communications tool that has millions of dedicated users. Advertisers are starting to catch on. Its young audience is about 75% male and has a large crossover with reddit.
    • In two separate posts, I saw some experienced professionals indicate that they were alternately bored by Twitter and found Periscope uninteresting. It's not the platform; it's how you use it (or who you follow). That's not to say that Twitter couldn't make things easier to manage or that Periscope couldn't surface interesting content. But much of what need to be done - even on Facebook - is based on how you manage the platform, not how the platform manages you.

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    Metrics / Measurement / Data

    • You probably have an analytics job opening at your company. After all, it's a hot area in digital marketing and communications right now. But why is it so difficult to find a good analytics candidate?
    • Brands are looking beyond holding companies, advertising agencies and media buying firms to drive marketing performance and handle exploding data, digital migration and channel fragmentation. The new candidates are more likely to be specialists than the traditional incumbents. If history is any guide, expect a raft of these specialty providers to be acquired by the holding companies within a year.
    • Here's a great use for big data: improving the customer experience. From predicting staffing needs to tracking customer behavior, there are practical applications that make for a happier customer.

    Privacy / Security / Legal

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