Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Downvoted at Reddit, a crisis in corporate trust, BBC news may go digital-only, trying to explain Twitter, no more Likes, Google jumps into ridesharing, Uber puts up a fight, Ira Glass proves podcasting is working, get on board with Slideshare, the director of the Office of Personnel Management discovers you can run but you can't hide, doodling is good for the brain and more, it's This Week in Digital.

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  • The upvotes have it. After some 200,000 redditors signed a petition calling for the end of Ellen Pao's tenure as interim CEO, the executive and Reddit's board have agreed to go their separate ways. This caps an extremely tense couple of weeks for Pao, who was under fire for not understanding the needs of the community. The link sharing and trolling site is now in the hands of Steve Huffman, one of its original founders.
  • Speaking of crisis, there's a trust crisis afoot - not only does the 2015 Edelman Trust Barometer indicate that trust between the public and companies is faltering - but that brands that choose to be candid and demonstrate accountability in their communications tend to outperform their competitors.
  • Microsoft has acknowledged the folly of its Nokia acquisition with another 7,800 layoffs and a restructuring that will cost the company a one-time writedown of $7.6 billion.
  • Slack's CEO uses the analogy of a well-run restaurant to show what it takes to make companies succeed. It comes down to culture, but empathy and collaboration are essential.
  • The future of BBC's television news service may be completely digital. In a cost-cutting move, BBC 3 may become an online-only news channel. This is an interesting development. Because news gathering is so expensive and television viewing continues to shift to multiple devices, this might be a critical and defining move for many news organizations.
  • Lots of interesting findings in the Accuity Group report 2015 Next Generation of Commerce Study. Over 2,000 individuals were surveyed as part of this study. Some of the insights:
    • 60% of respondents said they see too much sponsored content.
    • Facebook rivals the authority of print publications.
    • TV and print media still own the market for branded content that drives new customers.
    • Transparency and speed are factors that cause consumers to turn to third party companies for delivery, over brands or retailers.


    • Facebook
      • Likes are no longer a valid form of measurement; Facebook is concentrating on outcomes as it provides insights and reports to advertisers. How do you Like that? We're finally closing in on a more reasonable and meaningful measurement for Facebook engagement.
      • Facebook's biggest competition isn't other social networks - it's chat applications, particularly in Asia.
      • You now have more control over your News Feed than ever. Users can now choose friends and pages they'd like to See First, in order to prioritize the content that is relevant to them. If you like what you see here, please follow me on Facebook or like my official page and select See First in the dropdown by "Like".

    Collaborative Economy 


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    • Slideshare is one of the most content-rich platforms available today and your company should be using it in some meaningful way. So take a look at this complete B2B marketing guide to Slideshare.
    • Content marketing vs. native advertising: how do you compare the ROI of each? N.B.: the author of the piece is the head of promotions for a content marketing agency, so that that into account.

    Metrics / Measurement / Data

    • While automated sentiment can be helpful in terms of volume, it's no substitute for human intervention. Ultimately, a hybrid model is ideal.

    Privacy / Security / Legal

    • Facebook is considering changing its data policy for mobile advertisers that may require them to hand over data on customers that install their apps.
    • The Office of Personnel Management data breach is bigger than initially thought. Originally, reports indicated that some 4 million individuals were affected; it turns out that the data of over 21 million people is at stake. Katherine Archuleta, OPM's director, has resigned.
      • For a complete look at the saga, The Atlantic has The Hack That Took Down an Agency Director.
      • It's funny - every major federal data "oops" starts out the same way: a small breach, then something more serious, then a huge mess. If the federal government took a look at the correlation between trust and candor above and started communicating similarly, they might find that the public actually trusts them. But federal employment has traditionally been a CYA operation.

    When You Have the Time: Essential Watching / Listening / Reading 

    • Even though we live in an increasingly digital world, there's still room for pencil and paper. It turns out that doodling is good for the brain - something humans have known since our prehistoric days when our ancestors drew on cave walls. Two of our favorite tools for freehand doodling and notes are are Levenger ruled note pads and Staedler 2B pencils (slightly softer than standard No. 2 pencils).
    •  Two people were trapped in the Brecon Beacons national park in Wales this week, when one - who was carrying a selfie stick - was struck and killed by lightning. That settles it. Even God hates selfie sticks.

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