Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

News Corp gets more digital, a new ad blocker blocker, U.S. digital trends,Flipboard puts together a resource for marketers and communicators, Twitter gets Lightning fast, Facebook allows you to prioritize what you see, Uber has a rough week, LastPass and the Houston Astros get hacked, an essential report on the sharing economy, the great secret of influencer marketing, a long read on the marketing machine and more, it's This Week in Digital.

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  • Last year, the New York Times digital report was greeted with surprise and awe. This week, News Corp - owner of the Wall Street Journal - announced that it would be cutting jobs and shifting resources to digital media. Areas for hiring include mobile offerings, interactive graphics and data-driven journalism. 
    • If history is any guide, look for this trend to continue at other reputable news organizations and brands.
  • Brands have had to worry about ad blocking technology more frequently in the last year. So, ad tech veteran Ben Barokas is launching Sourcepoint, a solution to block ad blockers. That's right - an ad blocker blocker.
    • We're just waiting for the next inevitable iteration: a blocker to block blockers that block ad blockers. Or put more simply, an ad blocker blocker blocker. [TWEET THIS]
  • What do customers want? Everything! When do they want it? Now! Their list of demands includes: access to services faster than ever, 24/7 access and connectivity, access on an increasing number of platforms and more. Companies are on point to innovate and meet customer demands more and more each year thanks to technology.


  • Flipboard
  • Twitter
    • Twitter announced new features to help people discover products and places: product and place pages and collections that will have more information about a place, service, product or brand.
    • An interview with the leader that some think should be the next CEO of Twitter includes many nuggets, including who should acquire his company, Nuzzel.
    • Twitter will begin operating even more at the speed of real time with its new Project Lightning, a visually-driven, curated collection of tweets. One thing Facebook will never beat Twitter at is real-time news. This is the kind of innovation that should have been more regular under Dick Costolo's watch; we're just glad he gets to see it get a start before he departs.

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