Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Twitter's HQ may have seemed like this last week

An announcement, Twitter's CEO flies the coop, Apple announcement is Music to many ears, hoping that unionizing at Gawker won't diminish its witty headlines, Facebook values time over likes, Twitter needs to figure out what it needs to be, Google searches nearly everywhere, 17 collaborative unicorns, Uber's Chinese expansion, the audio competition heats up, how different generations consume content, the need for security at all levels is serious, trademarking the "book," combating digital distration and more, it's This Week in Digital.

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Before we begin


  • The biggest news from the digital world this week was that Dick Costolo is stepping down as CEO of Twitter as of July 1, with former CEO Jack Dorsey taking over duties temporarily. The change comes amid multiple leadership changes in the last year, lagging revenue, slow growth and an uncertain product cadence.
  • Apple had its day in the sun at its annual WWDC. Among the myriad announcements:
    • The new iOS is called El Capitan (have the naming convention moved from wild felines to Sousa marches?) and will include the ability for split screens on iPads.
    • Apple Music is a streaming service that will cost $9.99 and includes DJ-selected playlists. This will give serious competition to Spotify.
    • Its News app will give Flipboard a run for its money and will satisfy news junkies.
    • Apple Watch got some attention, as developers will now have the ability to code native apps for the device.
  • It didn't get much press, but the new iOS will allow users to block ads in Safari on iPhones and iPads.
    • Of course, this doesn't mean no ads on Safari. Remember that Apple has its own iAds product, and you can bet it will derive a decent bit of revenue from advertisers who are desperate to reach the Macolytes.
  • Gawker Media has voted to unionize, giving them representation through the Writers Guild of America. According to them, their next priority is "determining what we want to bargain for." What do we want? A union! Why do we want it? To do... union-y... stuff. Serious question, though: will such things as overtime provisions hamper Gawker's ability to cover news around the clock? (Gawker)
  • Recently we shared GM's plan to integrate Apple and Android interfaces into some of its vehicles; this week, longtime rivals Ford and Toyota are teaming up to defend their dashboards against the tech leaders. (Fortune)
    • Just what is the best strategy for connected cars? PwC says there are five elements: treat connectivity as integral to the experience; focus on safety first; ensure security; upend the traditional development cycle (easier said than done); adapt the vehicle operating model to accommodate connected vehicles (not the other way around).


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