Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

The sharing economy is under fire, Apple TV may be a reality soon, Fitbit for your car expands, Facebook gets pressured for better privacy controls in Europe, Twitter welcomes a new user,Spotify spots an opportunity beyond music, Google "buy now" may soon be on your phone, Snapchat is adding journalists, the fight against ad fraud continues, setting up a social listening dashboard, the Internetest video out there, the battle for the customer interface and more, it's This Week in Digital.

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      • Twitter and Google are together again. Google search results will now index tweets, in an effort to enhance discovery and drive more traffic to the 140-character platform. (Twitter)
      • President Obama joined Twitter as @POTUS (previously, his tweets were occasionally seen from the @WhiteHouse account). (Business Insider) He wasted no time in demonstrating his sense of humor, including an exchange with a former office-holder:

    • Showing that the youth vote is important - not to mention that maybe it'll drive some adults to use it too, Snapchat is hiring journalists to cover the 2016 U.S. presidential race. The perfect solution for politicians who want you to forget things they've done more than 10 seconds ago. (The Guardian)
    • Just in case you were wondering: here's the grown-up's guide to Periscope and Snapchat. (WSJ)
    • Flickr needs to work on its auto-tagging. Racist and derogatory phrases were associated with individuals' photos last week. And it wasn't pretty. (CNN Money

    Collaborative Economy 

    • How much of the so-called sharing economy actually involves sharing? And how much of the dependent contractors' livelihoods depend on it? "The uncomfortable truth is that the sharing economy is a rent-extraction business of the highest middleman order." Uber isn't the Uber for rides — it's the Uber for low-wage jobs. (WSJ)
      • The cut-and-paste mentality of some entrepreneurs is creating a glut of me-too companies in the on demand marketplace. And it's hurting tech investors. (Business Insider)
    • We all know that Uber isn't a fan of regulation. But what about when that regulation involves the Americans with Disabilities Act? (Daily Beast)
    • While Airbnb may be great for travelers and existing renters, it has harmed the overall rental market in San Francisco by reducing the available long-term rental units, according to the city's Board of Supervisors Budget Analyst. (48 Hills)


    • It's difficult to keep the attention of customers during a rote and boring process such as the standard safety presentation and video. Which is why Delta - in its continued push to improve the customer experience - has gone over the top with its safety video featuring dozens of Internet celebrities and memes. See how many you can name. (YouTube / Delta)

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    • Spotify is more than just a music service. It will soon offer video and podcasts in its lineup. (The Verge)

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