Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Verizon - AOL

 The surprise acquisition that rocked the tech world, Google knows the results of the election first, Walmart drops the prices on Amazon's unlimited shipping, Facebook's Instant Articles mean an uneven playing field for publishers, why there won't be an Uber for everything, Reddit launches a video content unit, Spotify prepares for a major announcement this week, getting fired for disabling a GPS tracking app, creatives need data too, a major report on digital trends and more, it's This Week in Digital.

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Collaborative Economy 


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Metrics / Measurement / Data

Privacy / Security / Legal

When You Have the Time: Essential Watching / Listening / Reading 

  • Here are 25 daily habits that will make you smarter. (Business Insider)
  • The revolution will be digitized. Quantifying metrics about consumers - from online interactions to data from wearables - you will be tracked. We're on a collision course between big business driven by data and the shrinking era of privacy. Are you ready? (Washington Post)
  • The Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) has produced its first 2015 report on digital trends for brands and agencies, and it is chock full of insights. (Slideshare)
    • C-level executives are showing an unprecedented interest in digital marketing research and insights.
    • Half of agencies report consulting with clients on products and offerings.
    • The top 3 things that clients want: expertise in emerging trends, marketing creativity and customer-centric marketing.

Image credit: Robert Scoble and Jason Persse (Flickr)