Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Twitter's surprise revenue shortfall and its advertising challenge, Salesforce is in sales mode, Google makes up with European news outlets, Secret is out, Uber's plan to take over the world, Lyft report leaked, quality over clickbait in content marketing, podcasts have their own upfronts, knowing when to use data and when to use intuition, the decline of reading, how leaders innovate and more, it's This Week in Digital.

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  • Salesforce is working with bankers on fielding inquiries for acquisition. (Bloomberg)
    • At a price tag of over $40 billion, there's only a handful of companies who could afford it and who might be a match: Microsoft, Oracle, Google, or IBM. Our money is on either Microsoft or IBM, who have an enterprise business that is focused on becoming more cloud-based. (re/code)
  • Tesla made a big announcement about home batteries (called Powerwall) this week, but earlier its Twitter account and website were hacked. (Business Insider) 
  • Despite some of the early naysayers, the Apple Watch is getting some useful apps out of the gate - such as health tracking, geolocation services, remote control of surroundings, and a hands-free retail experience. (WSJ Digits)
  • CMOs use Twitter to share more mainstream news stories than industry-specific information, and they use Twitter as a hub for cross-posting content between social networks. These insights and more on CMOs on Twitter. (Marketing Land)
  • Experian's Digital Marketing report indicates that senior digital marketers' top priorities include storytelling (46%) and using data to inform customer interactions (43%) - yet only 26% want to strategically align their companies' departments to meet the demands of the modern consumer. (Marketing Charts)


Collaborative Economy 

  • Advances in crowdsourcing will lead to significant growth of crowd finance. That's one of the predictions of how crowdsourcing and the sharing economy will grow in the next five years. (Econsultancy)
  • A look at how Uber is expanding in India, Colombia and Singapore indicates how Uber will take over the world. Bottom line: it works to understand the unique needs and cultures of each market and sets itself up accordingly. (BuzzFeed)
  • New York and Chicago are about to experience Uber's food delivery service, UberEats. Are you ready to pay $20 for a sandwich? If you live in those cities, the price probably isn't all that far off. (The Verge) 
  • With the quiet launch of its massive delivery service UberRush, retailers like Louis Vitton, Nieman Marcus, Tiffany's and others are helping to put Uber on par with Amazon, even if only for luxury products just now. If this expands, Uber may very well take over the world. (TechCrunch)
  • A leaked report from Lyft indicates a costly marketing battle against Uber. But it also shows how Lyft is differentiating itself, as Uber is defined as having a "top-down model" with an "exclusive mentality" and "an anti-social culture," while Lyft's growth is from drivers (32% of whom are women) and the brand is trusted with a social experience. Them's fightin' words. (Bloomberg)
  • Five Takeaways from Jeremiah Owyang at the CDO Summit in New York: 
    • Common digital technologies empower people to get what they need from each other. 
    • The crowd is becoming like a company - bypassing inefficient corporations. 
    • Like the internet and social, corporations must use these same digital strategies to regain relevancy. 
    • This requires business model change: product > service > marketplace > repeat. 
    • Continue to be digitally resilient: connected, empowering others, build to last, and profitable.


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