Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

The EU rebukes Google, we finally get to see the net neutrality rules, the troubling growth of ad blocking, Yahoo prepares a new product launch, statistics on teens and Facebook, Twitter's data grab, LinkedIn's largest acquisition yet, Snapchat sneakily lures Uber and Lyft engineers, the lawyer that wants to curtail the collaborative economy, a free webinar on Google Analytics for communicators, hiring data artists, BuzzFeed's origins in the 1920s and more, it's This Week in Digital.

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  • The Federal Register published the FCC's net neutrality rules, the first time the public has seen the rules in their entirety - two months after they were approved. (LA Times)
  • As India debates the merits of net neutrality, Facebook's Internet.org is suffering as many media companies are pulling out of the initiative amid concerns about how online traffic is treated. (Quartz)
  • The growth of ad blocking concerns publishers and the IAB as Internet users become more savvy and adopt new blocking tools. (WSJ CMO Today)
  • Social network advertising spending continues to rise; in 2015, the global total is projected to be $23.68 billion - growing to nearly $36 billion by 2017. Canada and the United States are projected to increase their spending by 30% this year alone, with a per-user spend that is more than double that of Western Europe. (eMarketer)
Global social network advertising spending from 2013 - 2017


Collaborative Economy 

The tables have turned in Uber vs. taxis


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  • If you'd like to learn the secret of BuzzFeed, you have to go back about 90 years - to the founding of Time and Reader's Digest and the reformatting of Collier's, Liberty and others. Then as now, technological and cultural change was driving the way we find and consume news. The Eternal Return of BuzzFeed is a longform piece and is a fascinating history of the medium. (The Atlantic)
  • Danny Sullivan originally wrote this piece over two years ago, but as the nature of the online world has shifted and content has become a central conversation piece, it's probably more relevant today than ever before: How Google Went From Search Engine to Content Destination. (Marketing Land)

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