Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Surprises galore from Mobile World Congress, a telecom company cracks wise, the inspiration behind Geico's new ads, why senior communications executives exempt themselves from digital skills, Krispy Kreme needs to read Sherlock Holmes, a social network for financial executives, the Future of Marketing 2015 ebook, who wins in the Uber vs. Lyft battle, native advertising has a trust problem, The Infinite Dial 2015 has the latest digital and audio trends, better podcast measurement, watch Charlie Rose and Chris Hughes go at it and more, it's This Week in Digital.

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The Content Marketing Institute just announced that John Cleese will be keynoting at Content Marketing World 2015 in September. No mention of whether he'll do a silly walk or a silly talk, but you can register here.

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SHIFT Communications' ebook The Future of Marketing 2015 is now available. Interviews with marketing leaders will help you grasp the importance of many different elements of marketing.

Collaborative Economy



  • The Associated Press and PodcastOne are teaming up to provide dynamic news via podcasts, in which AP content will be distributed across the podcasting network founded by Norm Pattiz. (Digital Content Next)
  • Edison Research, in conjunction with Triton Digital, has released its Infinite Dial 2015 report on trends in digital media [full slideshow embedded at bottom]. A few key takeaways: listening to online audio is now a mainstream activity, Pandora is the most recognized brand, AM/FM radio still dominates the in-car listening experience, the Serial podcast was recognized by 10% of the respondents and this slide is all marketers need to know when it comes to sponsoring podcasts:

Isn't it time you started advertising on podcasts?

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  • Charlie Rose recently interviewed Chris Hughes, new owner of The New Republic and co-founder of Facebook, about the differences between traditional media and digital media. It got a little uncomfortable at times. And it's well worth a watch. (Twist Image)

The full presentation from The Infinite Dial 2015 from Edison Research: