Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

A new heirloom that loses value in two years, the closing of a tech publishing icon, Millennials may not deserve all of those trophies, the cable industry gets more bad news, Facebook unleashes its firehose of data, funding for Snapchat, Uber and Lyft, content strategy secrets to make you successful, Uber pledges more women drivers, what's holding back podcasting, why you need a marketing technologist, Disney holds the future of wearables and more, it's This Week in Digital.

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  • Google
    • When a company has a statement to make about breaking news, Google News search will feature the company statement at the top of its search results. In an era of fast-moving news and information in which users can jump to erroneous conclusions and businesses need to provide clarity against a mob of angry netizens, this is a way to make the correct information available quickly.  It does not mean that press releases are treated any differently in search. (Reuters)
  • Facebook
    • Have you noticed something strange about Facebook Pages lately? Christopher Penn did. Particularly that when a Page shares a link and a user then shares that to his own timeline, the Page isn't given attribution. In other words, your friends see the link, but the Page doesn't get credit for having shared it. Another reduction in organic reach. (SHIFT Communications)
    • Facebook is opening the firehouse topic data to DataSift and its customers. This means that brands will potentially have a much better understanding of users, their habits and their likes - which means ads will be more accurate in their targeting. (Facebook)
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat is raising $200 million from Chinese firm Alibaba, for a valuation of $15 billion. (Bloomberg)
  • YouTube needs to pay attention as Facebook, Snapchat and others eat its lunch with better revenue sharing deals for creators. (WSJ)
  • Last week, we mentioned Twitter's acquisition of Periscope and how it put Meerkat at risk. However this week, with the advent of SxSW, Meerkat is getting another boost. So just what is this latest app craze all about? Two words: livestream video. (TIME)
    • Frankly, we're skeptical of the real-time nature of these apps - whether it's Meerkat, Stre.am, Periscope or others. Our opinion is that viewing by appointment is dead; it's an on-demand world. [See eMarketer graphic above] We'll see how it plays out.

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Collaborative Economy

  • Lyft
    • Lyft is getting a boost. Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten is investing $530 million in the ride-sharing company that values Lyft at over $2.5 billion. (WSJ Digits)
    • In an effort to create loyalty among its drivers, Lyft introduced Accelerate, a driver rewards program. Drivers can achieve Silver, Gold or Platinum status by the number of rides they offer, thereby unlocking higher levels of service from Lyft. (Lyft Blog) 
  • Uber
    • Uber is trying to combat its negative image with a pledge to hire 1 million female drivers by 2020. While this may assuage some of the critics of the company, some of whose drivers have assaulted women, at this time there are no plans for the app to allow customers to select or request drivers by gender. (Reuters) 
  • It turns out that a judge thinks that Uber and Lyft employees are not "independent contractors," which has the potential to disrupt the already disruptive collaborative economy movement. (Business Insider)


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