Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Global internet, mobile digital and social usage 2015 by country

Statistics on global social and digital scene, frequency of social platform use, a teen's firsthand take on which platforms are essential, Amazon heads to the movies, Snapchat unapologetically charges an obscene fee for ads, Twitter conquers FOMO, Ubernomics is a thing and we should be concerned, why hearing is believing, what to do with all of that big data, how the New York Times is coming along with its digital transformation and more, it's This Week in Digital.

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  • A two-parter on a teenager's view of social media is an interesting look - if only a single data point - into how the networks fare in the eyes of those under 20. tl;dr - Facebook is dead, Instagram is king, they're just as befuddled by Twitter as you, Snapchat is up and coming, Tumblr is great for anonymity, Medium is the preferred blogging platform, Google+ is a ghost town, and YouTube, Vine and Reddit are places where they consume a lot of content. (Medium) 
  • A new report indicates that if you want to reach Millenials, reach for Snapchat, with the best breakdown of Snapchat user data and demographics that we've seen yet. (eMarketer) 
  • Netflix took on original programming, but Amazon is going one further by committing to making 12 motion pictures a year for theatrical release. (Business Insider) 
  • It should be no surprise that more people use multiple social media sites than previously. Here's the latest research on exactly what's popular, the frequency of use, and cross-platform use of social media platforms. (Pew Internet) 
  • One of the most comprehensive updates on the global digital and social industry is out. There are breakdowns by region, country, device, ecommerce, social, digital, time spent, web traffic and much more. (We Are Social)


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