Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

The magic bendy iPhone, how to get the most out of iOS 8 (when it's working), ad dollars versus time spent on Facebook, Ello says hello, the logic between the disparity of increased TV viewing and decreased ratings, measurement is as easy as apple pie, legal considerations in socially-driven engagements, the sports network for the YouTube age, over 30 predictions on the future of B2B marketing, how to freak out a friend online and more, it's This Week in Digital.

A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

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  • Apple's new iPhone 6 is thin - maybe too thin. So much so that it bends in your front pocket. On a sartorial note: if you're wearing a suit, why the hell are you putting a phone in the front pockets of your pants? #thirdgrademove (Macrumors) 


  • The newest social network on the block is Ello, driven by "beauty, simplicity and transparency," started gaining significant traction this week.
  • Seemingly set up as an anti-Facebook network, its manifesto states that it is ad-free and that your data will remain private ("you are not the product"). (Fast Company)
  • As one might imagine, the skeptics are lining up to critique it. Even on Ello itself. (Wired and Ello)

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  • Twitter's audience management tool is more powerful than ever, with the ability to target by phone number and app ID. (Marketing Land)
  • We had announced that TwitPic was being shut down over an intellectual property issue, but the latest news is that they're being acquired. (Engadget)

Measurement / Metrics / Big Data

Legal / HR

  • If you host a Twitter party or Twitter chat, you need to be aware of the legal risks. (Social Media Explorer)
  • As the Ice Bucket Challenge raged on, there were opportunities for brands, media and entertainment personalities to get involved. Here are some of the legal lessons from the #icebucketchallenge. (Maximize Social Business)


  • ‘Storytelling!’ It’s up there with ‘big data’ as a phrase that’s kind of annoying but has yet to be improved upon by a better alternative. So what is brand storytelling and why do you need it? (Econsultancy)
  • The Whistle is building a sports network for the YouTube age. What exactly does that look like? They've got their own studios, as well as partnerships with major sporting leagues and teams, and arrangements with individual content creators. (Contently)

Essential Reading / Watching / Listening

  • This report on how social media is shaping the news is worth a deeper dive. Particularly of note is that direct visitors to news sites spend more time there than those referred by social platforms. (Pew) 

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