Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Sochi's got 99 problems and Twitter's just one, Twitter reports its first quarterly earnings, Microsoft gets a new CEO, the Super Bowl ads were here and gone, Facebook turns 10 and released Paper, Coca-Cola Journey a year later, the one thing most content marketers forget to do, the viral math behind sites like Upworthy, why the hottest startups don't use digital agencies and more, it's This Week in Digital.

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  • Microsoft named Satya Nadella as CEO and Bill Gates is stepping down as Chairman, transitioning to a technology advisor, with John Thompson taking the Chairman role. (Microsoft) 
  • The Super Bowl took place on February 2. It's likely that many of the ads are already forgotten. What's the secret to a lasting impression? Believe it or not, it's consistency - the most-remembered commercials are from companies who buy Super Bowl ads on an annual basis. (Bloomberg Businessweek) 
  • Andy Carvin, former NPR editor who famously used Twitter during the Arab Spring for real-time journalism, has joined Pierre Omidyar's $250 million start-up First Look Media, in an effort to make social media a core principle of news and not just a share button tacked on afterward. (GigaOm) 
  • Hot digital startups in Silicon Valley eschew the use of digital agencies, in favor of approaches such as word-of-mouth, pop-ups and events. The crux? Limited budgets. (The Hub) 

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The Olympics are under way in Sochi and this is the most digitally covered set of games to date. Because journalists (and Olympians) are on the cutting edge of digital and social, many of the real-time updates prior to the games are focusing on the less than stellar (alright, let's face it - less than adequate) accommodations, from the rather odd bathroom instructions

to the hazardous water

and lack of hotel amenities.

So no one should be surprised that it took less than a day for an enterprising individual to create the @SochiProblems account to chronicle and parody the goings-on outside of the games. And it goes without saying that the @SochiProblems account quickly surpassed the official @Sochi2014 account in the number of followers.

No worries, it's just chronicling life as it exists in Russia:

Of course, the Russian deputy prime minister in charge of the Olympics doesn't believe the hype the journalists. Because the Russian government admits it is spying on them - as in it has video surveillance of their showers.

So much for privacy.


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