Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Android is better, big data in Asia, the merging of HR and marketing, Canadian women like to talk about brands, Fortune 500 CEOs are scared and ignorant of social media, Twitter use rises, the social networks that help search engine optimization and more, it's This Week in Social Media.

A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

Each week at Ford, I compose a newsletter that includes a series of links about current events and trends in the worlds of technology, social media, mobile, communications and marketing in order to keep the wider team up to date on changes, newsworthy items and content that might be useful in their jobs. These are those links.

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  • Journalism and video games meet to form a unique way of storytelling in Brazil.
  • Uh oh: I'm 13 and none of my friends use Facebook.
  • The Retort Courteous: I'm 15 and all of my friends use Facebook.
  • With Apple being under more scrutiny than ever before, a fluctuation in stock price, and questions around its stream of innovative devices, at the same time as solid new products from the likes of Samsung, it's not uncommon to hear Millennials say Android is better.Of interest is not just the device comparison; the author notes that he doesn't use iTunes music any more because he's covered by podcasts, Hype Machine, Rdio and Spotify. Of Google, he says, "No other company has embedded itself this deeply into my life."


Without a question, video is on the rise. With video accounting for more than 51% of mobile traffic and speedier networks on the way, video is here to stay.

Just this week, the AVOS (the company made from the founders of YouTube and Delicious) launched a new video app called MixBit. The app allows users to upload as many 16-second (a full second longer than Instagram!) video clips as they want and splice them together to form a longer video. But the differentiator is that users can use each other's clips as well. Shel Holtz notes that MixBit is tailor-made for brands in that it has the potential to allow easy sharing and co-creation between consumers and brands.
And video social network Keek now has over 58 million users and raised $100 million, potentially challenging Vine and Instagram.

It was just in the last couple of months that Vine seemed to be on was on its way out with some out-of-the-gate competition from Instagram video. But it turns out that Vine just won't die. Why? Well, Vine is quirky and it has a unique culture of users, and they're very distinct from Instagram. Summed up most aptly by Mat Honan of Wired:

"If Instagram is an art museum, Vine is a block party."

Gary Vaynerchuk saw this angle and formed Grape Story, the first talent agency for Vine users, looking to tap into the raw talent and passion that's coming from Vine users.

Video will play an ever-increasing role in online storytelling, with apps that make it easier than ever for the average user to create. How brands build relationships, curate content and tell their own story is completely in their hands. But the opportunity is huge.

And if you haven't seen the video compilation of Vine videos, check it out.

Video credit: JehReh (Vine)