Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Sometimes, word of mouth doesn't work.

As much as personal testimony, first-person persuasion and even hands-on demonstration of products can be more effective than any advertising, there come times when others are impervious to such efforts.

And that's above and beyond the usual array of television, radio, email, print, direct, search and other marketing swirling around in the background, doing their best to reinforce the brand and drive awareness.

Sometimes, people are just too set in their ways to ever try something new. Perhaps they are comfortable in what they know (or in what they think they know) and they can't begin to comprehend or believe that a competing brand has made great strides in quality or performance.

Maybe they don't want to believe. Or maybe they'd rather ignore the facts and instead stick with their comfortable little world of perceived realities they've built around them. When they've lived with a brand, product or experience for years, it's extremely difficult to overcome that with any kind of marketing. Whatever their reason, it's unlikely that you'll ever manage to reach such people with your messages.Stubborn or stupid don't respond to word of mouth.

So, what do you do - as a marketer or as a brand advocate - when you simply can't persuade even those closest to you?

Move on. There are plenty of people out there worth pursuing who are willing to hear what you have to say. Don't waste your time on people who refuse to ignore facts. Let them live their lives blissfully unaware while you go on improving other people's lives.

Image credit: Pedro Vezini (Flickr)