Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

A roundup of relevant links affecting our industry.

Each week at Ford, I compose a newsletter that includes a series of links about current events and trends in the worlds of technology, social media, mobile, communications and marketing in order to keep the wider team up to date on changes, newsworthy items and content that might be useful in their jobs. These are those links.

If you have additional links, sources or ideas that might be helpful, I'd encourage you to add some via a comment below or tag me in Google+. And if you’re on Flipboard, you can get these links in my new This Week in Social Media Magazine.

Industry News

The Platforms

  • Detractors say that it is "Not an intuitive app," "kills my battery," and "If I wanted a single company to take over my homescreen appearance, I could use an iPhone."
  • Supporters say "Takes some getting used to - like anything else, you need to play with it," "fast access to friends on Facebook," and "I'm glad I stuck through the initial learning curve and am now using it daily and loving it."


Measurement/Big Data

  • Why predictions suck: a view from KD Paine as to why the multitude of reports, data and the rest aren't panning out. Hint: we need updated standards.

Bookmarks/Read-Watch-Listen Later

  • Please stop and spend 28 minutes of your time with Charlie Rose and David Carr of the New York Times, who discuss the future of television and journalism. This is an important piece.
  • Carr also wrote about cracks that are beginning to show in TV profits that could have wider implications in the long term: what happens when there's no bundling, no cable and no advertisements?


This week, we’re keeping the commentary relatively brief. In the U.S. market, the social platforms in the early part of the week were dominated by news of the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Social media went into overdrive, reporting developments in real time. Eyewitness accounts, videos, photos, news organizations and more all covered the unfolding news in live formats, including the first documented use of Vine for breaking news.

As the search goes on for the perpetrators, we’re seeing countless examples of kindness and heroism in the face of adversity. Social and digital communications channels have kept us more closely connected during this crisis than they did some 12 ½ years ago on September 11, and not only are the platforms helping law enforcement track down the perpetrators, but they’re bringing us closer together.

Image credit: Werner Kunz