Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

I recently received an email from someone asking me, " I'm starting a company and I'm interested in how I can use social media to get people to my site and my blog."

It's a fair question, and one that is probably on many people's minds. I'm not an entrepreneur, nor do I know if I could ever be one. (That's probably why I'm at a corporate job). A few people - much more qualified than I to speak on this subject - have addressed this issue. You might take a look at what they had to say:

I'm not sure what I can add, but here's my email response. Rather than being list of tools, resources or prescribed tactics, I took more of a behavioral approach.

First off, I wouldn't be concerned about getting people to your site/blog. Social media isn't about getting traffic, it's about building relationships.

What are you doing out there? What social networks are you involved in? What blogs do you read? Interact with people, leave comments, be helpful by providing tips or links. Overall, spend 2-3X more reading & commenting on other people's stuff than you do writing your own. Over time, this will get people naturally interested in what you have to say.

Social media is a karmic business, and you have to give in order to receive. Share you knowledge and information freely. Create an ebook with valuable tips and give it away on your blog or site. Go out of your way to connect people and to show you're willing to give something before you get something.

I'm sure there are many more suggestions that you have, as a smart social media practitioner, student or professional. What are they?

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