Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Are you begging for a social media budget? Do you show up to the powers-that-be, hat in hand, and present a humbled version of yourself or your idea, nearly apologizing for asking for funding?


While any number of marketers may think of social media as "free," the clear fact is that it does require funding - mostly around labor rather than production. There is a cost associated with social media activities, but it's far less than the money being spent on traditional media buys.

Does that mean you should think of the quality of your idea and the relevance of your budget request in a lower tier? Not at all! In fact, because of the effectiveness of some social media programs, there may be measurable results that are more significant than a newspaper ad, billboard or 30-second spot.

The forward-thinking marketers and budget directors should be open-minded enough to apply enough funding to innovative thinking - at least to test the waters. By taking a fraction of a large media buy and applying it to a social media initiative, marketers can create a disproportionate impact.

Done repeatedly, this can result in real traction for a brand. All it takes is a little bit of risk and a bit of creative thinking when it comes to budgets.

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