Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

I've got a social media lesson for getting your blog posts noticed: it comes down to timing & technique.

Last Friday, the early-morning news broke about Microsoft's offer to buy Yahoo. You know the story by now. But I first caught wind of it on Twitter, then quickly found the news on the Wall Street Journal Online.

I was lucky enough to be up and working at the time - about 6:30 or so - and I quickly threw together a post that combined visual humor with a little analysis. With Google's ability to quickly index blog posts, I found that my post consistently ranked in the top 5 search results for "Microhoo" on Friday.

And today, I was rewarded with an interview request from a writer at TechNewsWorld. He said that he noticed my blog post and wanted to get some additional views on the Microsoft-Yahoo deal. He used my quotes in the article Blogosphere Crackles with Talk of Microsoft and Yahoo.

Here are the three components that I believe led to my post getting noticed:
  1. Timing is everything - be quick to pick up on major developments.
  2. Put your unique spin on it - in my case, it was to use humor, information, and opinion together, to appeal to and provide value to as many readers as might notice the post.
  3. Be considerate of your rushed readers - write catchy headlines that bring them in and when they're here, be concise as you make your points.

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