Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

There's a great debate raging in the blogosphere right now. Actually, it originated up north in Canada (I guess they need the heat up there this time of year) between a couple of great bloggers.

This is a natural extension of a post that I wrote back in October trying to gauge your opinion of my del.icio.us links appearing in my RSS feed. Your opinion was split, as it appears to be between Mark Goren and Mitch Joel, in their respective posts.

You'll also notice a good deal of chatter in the comments sections of each of their posts - please be sure to read those, as that's where you get to see a variety of opinions, counterpoints and rationales.

For what it's worth, I left the following comment on Mark's blog (you'll have to click through to see what he responded with):
Mark: great points here. Mitch certainly raised some valid points & counterpoints on his own blog and here, but I have to side with you. I actually put this question to my readers a couple of months ago, and opinions were split (of those who chose to comment).
Bottom line: social media, if nothing else, is about choices. Never before has it been so easy to give your audience a variety of ways to consume content. Mitch or you are I are not so omniscient that we can presume how every reader prefers to consume content. So why not give them everything and let them choose?
Blog posts, del.icio.us links, Google Reader shared item, Twitter streams - it’s all fair game!
What do you think?

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