Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

This is highly irregular - picking up on your own meme. Just Friday, I issued a challenge: a Twittermeme. "What Would ___ Twitter?"

Well, my post below about David Ogilvy and what he might make of the social media space prompted one of my meme-meisters to ask what would David Ogilvy Twitter? I'm not one to back away from an intellectual challenge, so here we go:

What Would David Ogilvy Twitter?
  1. L: Madison Avenue
  2. At noon on Twitter, the quietest thing is...Twitter
  3. @Scobleizer is that an eye patch you're wearing?
  4. New app for everything: TwitteResearch
  5. Giving a Twitter Magic Lantern presentation to WPP board
  6. Gotta run. The Man from Schweppes is here.
  7. @SirMartinSorrell you odious little sh*t
  8. L: Castle in France
  9. New book being released: Confessions of a Twittering Man
  10. Can someone help me make the background color of my Twitter page red?

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