Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

There is no doubt that this week in higher education and throughout the country, there was collective shock, sorrow and bewilderment over the horrific events that unfolded at Virginia Tech. You'll note that I've removed the "fun" from the "Friday Fun Video" title.

Throughout everything that has happened this week, we've been able to see the student body coming together to mourn and start the healing process, and we've been allowed a glimpse into the event by the now famous cellphone footage that captured the sounds of gunfire. In addition, Facebook - not email, not phone - served as a major hub of communication for the students and witness who were expressing their emotions and describing the shootings.

Yes, the mainstream media is doing its usual job of wringing out as much information as possible from the story, disseminating it to the general public. But for those who were connected via Twitter or Facebook or some other social network that Virginia Tech students were using, it was real-time, first-person reporting that enabled so much of the details to be shared immediately.

If anything positive has come out of this week, it has to be Professor Nikki Giovanni's rousing speech at the convocation the day after the shootings, titled "We ARE Virginia Tech." This week's Friday Fun Video is dedicated to the memory those who were so callously taken from us this week.

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