Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

It looks like I've been tagged for the 5 questions meme by the good folks over at The SEM Zone. I've got to say that I've followed a good number of memes over the last year or so, and this is the first in which I've been tagged. I'm very excited - let's jump right in!

What have you learned so far from visitors to your blog?
I've learned that my blog is read internationally - from Canada to France to Japan - and that a single link from an A-lister can boost your readership by 1000%.

If someone would offer to pay for a course (or more) for you, what would that course be?
I'm something of an amateur voice-over artist. While I really don't need voice training, what I could use is a quick course on how to actually set up and run my own voice-over business. Hmm. Maybe podcasting is in my future...

Are you satisfied with what you’ve achieved in 2006, in general?
Absolutely. In my personal life, I welcomed a second son to the world. Professionally, I expanded my knowledge of social media in very short order; I launched two blogs (here's the other) and was invited to contribute to a third.

Has blogging changed your life or personality in any way?
I have gotten a lot of recognition as a social media expert at my agency, with clients, and externally. It's given me a new perspective on and awareness of marketing developments on a daily basis and really helped to engage my thinking for my agency, clients and volunteer opportunities.

If you had the opportunity to meet one person that you admire most in the world, who would that be and why?
If I could step back in time, it would be that master presentation expert Winston Churchill. He knew how to use the power of spoken word to tell a story and persuade his audience. Plus, he could knock a few back and still manage to be witty.

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