Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

As usual, Logic + Emotion has a great perspective on blogging. This time, Dave Armano has taken part in a group post with other high-power bloggers.

Together, they develop 6 Degrees of Perspective on Why Blogging Matters:. I'll just cover the highlights here; definitely check our their longer post if you need some proof points to incorporate blogging as a standard practice in your company's or client's marketing efforts.

#1 - PR and Blogging – A Love Story or Peaceful Coexistence
Covered by
Dan Greenfield, VP of Corporate Communications at Earthlink -Bernaisesource

#2 – Blogging and the “new influencers”
As seen by Eric Kintz, VP of Global Marketing Strategy at Hewlett-Packard - Marketing Excellence

#3 – The role of blogging in the changing world of advertising
From the perspective of Will Waugh, Senior Director of Communications at ANA - Marketing Maestros

#4 – The role of blogging as part of an integrated web strategy
With a view from David Charbuck, VP of Global Web Marketing at Lenovo - Charbuck

#5 – Drive Harmony in Conversational Touchpoints
The opinion of Peter Blackshaw, CMO, Neilsen Buzz Metrics - Consumer Generated Media

#6 - Creativity, Innovation + Blogging
As host, David Armano, VP at Digitas gets to go last, with some sub-points on the usefulness of blogs:
  1. Instant feedback from a qualified network of peers
  2. A digital journal, scrapbook and sketchpad
  3. The ultimate marketing and brand challenge

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