Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

In the last two weeks, the big discussion regarding online video has been around LonelyGirlGate.

It turns out that LonelyGirl15 was not simply an self-vlogger, but rather the brainchild of a couple of guys in L.A. who were trying to jumpstart a career in full length film by scripting every video she made.

A couple of observations from her "My First Kiss" video this week. First, it's the second most-viewed video of the week, with over 600,000 views. Evidently the scandal worked in her favor.

Second, it seems a little odd, knowing that it's scripted, to hear Bree - whose MySpace account is currently the most-visited account this week and this month - to be so coy about telling us about her first kiss, leading up to it with phrases like:
"I really don't want to tell you, but..."


"Go away!"

If you don't want to tell us, and you're recording yourself, you probably don't really want us to go away.

Someone's trying a little too hard to sound authentic.

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