Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Scott Monty - Strategic Communications & Leadership Advisor

Over at ExperienceCurve, Karl Long blogs about 3 rules for managing viral marketing. He states "If you are responsible for the creative output of a marketing department or an agency, then this post is for you."

As the viral craze continues at...well...a viral pace, Long outlines the following in the lead-up to the rules:
  • Success bares no relation to investment - In traditional marketing there was generally a relationship between how much you spent and how many people saw your message, there is no such relationship in Viral Marketing
  • Viral Marketing does not have a timeline - Traditional marketing calendars, and even the traditional marketing plan is irrelevant when executing and responding to viral marketing efforts. Viral marketing is just not that predictable, which calls for a different kind of planning
  • Number of views bare little relation to reach or impact of Viral Marketing - As viral is something that is shared from person to person, you can be sure that many more people hear about it than view it (a little esoteric I know, but I talk about the Subservient Chicken constantly, and yet have only been to the site once)

The three rules are boiled down to this: Experiment, Monitor, Respond.

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