Scott Monty


What's a Brand to Do? What's a Brand to Do?

Say you work for a brand. Customers have more access to you than ever - and you've got a wealth of choices as far as channels go: tradit...

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Recent Twitter Statistics Recent Twitter Statistics

The Pew Internet & American Life Project has released some statistics about Twitter and other s...

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No Kidding No Kidding

I originally wrote this over a year ago , but I think it deserves another go around, as there seem t...

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Why Apple & Google Win - and Your Company Doesn't Why Apple & Google Win - and Your Company Doesn't

It's all about usability.      Common sense dictates that the easier something is to accomplish, the more readily it will be pa...

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Don't Waste My Time Don't Waste My Time

I'm perfectly capable of wasting it myself.   According to a recent poll by Ruder Finn , 100% of the people on the Internet go onli...

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Recent Facebook Demographics Recent Facebook Demographics

If you get a chance, check out the latest statistics from . Please keep in mind that these are only number for the United...

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